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A mother's love for her child essay

The most demeaning section of the tirade is when the mother says ".` so to prevent you from becoming the slut you are so bent on becoming."" (Kincaid 13) This mother, for whatever reason it may be, has the idea that her daughter, who she is SUPPOSED to love with all her heart, has her young mind set on becoming a slut. .

Every time the daughter tried to throw in a comment, it goes all for naught. The mother does not even respond to the comment that her child says. The problem is this story might have been resolved; it might have not been resolved. No one will know. But, the odds are that if the mother will act like this now, there are no signs of her changing anytime in the near future. The daughter in this story has to live with the reality that her mother has a mindset of what a woman is.

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