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Ap statistics review probability

ap statistics review probability

Welcome to Stat Trek's free, online Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics tutorial. It has been carefully developed to help you master the Advanced Placement Statistics Examination. > Begin lesson 1

About the Tutorial

This tutorial provides accurate and complete coverage of the AP Statistics curriculum. Specifically, the AP Statistics curriculum and this tutorial cover the following topics:

  • Exploring data. Using graphical and numerical techniques to study patterns of data. Emphasizes interpreting graphical information and descriptive statistics.
  • Sampling and experimentation. How to plan and conduct a study. Focuses on clarifying research questions and specifying methods to collect and analyze data.
  • Anticipating patterns. Using probability and simulation to understand random events. Focuses on using probabilistic models to understand real-world events.
  • Statistical inference. How to estimate population attributes, based on sample data. How to test statistical hypotheses.

How to Use the AP Statistics Tutorial

Individual lessons are accessible directly through links in the table of contents, on the left side of the page. You should work through lessons in the order in which they appear; because each lesson builds on previous lessons.

If you are taking an AP Statistics course in school, use this tutorial as a study aid. Before each class, read the relevant lesson from the tutorial. This will have two good effects.

  • Because you have been exposed to the material, you will find it easier to understand your instructor's lecture, and you will retain the information more effectively.
  • And, if anything in the tutorial is unclear, you will be alerted to a potential area of confusion. You can get clarification from your instructor when he/she covers the material.

Additional Helpful Resources

As you progress through the AP Statistics tutorial, take advantage of the following helpful resources.

  • Analytical tools. Stat Trek provides a variety of analytical tools - on-line statistical tables, calculators, problem solvers - to take the drudgery out of statistical computations. The tutorial will alert you to these tools, most of which are free.

  • Sample problems. Most of the lessons include sample problems. The sample problems help you test your knowledge. They also illustrate shortcuts and solutions to common statistics problems.
  • Practice exam. After you have completed the tutorial, take the practice exam. Review the explanations for any questions that were answered incorrectly.
  • On-line help. The Stat Trek Glossary takes the mystery out of statistical jargon. If any term or concept is unclear, visit the Glossary for additional explanation.

Note: The Glossary can be accessed through the Help tab that appears in the header at the top of every Stat Trek web page.


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