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College dropping classes

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  1. Yewiner

    Great week representing Providence College at NARCE! Great classes, trade show, and great conversations with my ice rink colleagues!

  2. Tuhojukiwohom

    Nicki, just finished off my first year of college and starting summer classes in 1 wk. Would love some help with my tuition! Love you!

  3. Zedezixeqexepo

    I"m probably the only college student who"s ready for fall classes to start.

  4. Xedodaj

    Passed my first year of college with a 3.7 8 classes down, one more year to go!

  5. Senumelagovil

    High-key hating on these Asian kids rolling exotic vehicles to their Community College classes.

  6. Tubobojax

    I had to leave my last day of high school early to schedual for my first semester of college classes. It"s a new beginning

  7. Kocuxovocekac

    To future college students : be careful how you schedule your classes. If you take 3 classes in one day, you"ll have 3 finals in one day too

  8. Pagoyop

    Registered for my college classes today. Thursdays I"ll be there from 8 am to 7 pm But I don"t have any classes on fridays so I"m happy

  9. Gupexoma

    When he sent me his college classes for fall I was about to start crying. I"m so proud esp since senior year was a hot ass mess.

  10. Puvesitoqowena

    I"m graduating on Friday and then I have a few more classes and exams and then I"m completely done with school! Well besides college

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