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Different style of writing software free download

Just curious...

What is this for?

I'm simply interested.

I know at uni a group of people got picked up for plagarism in my legal class this semester, but I'm not sure whether it was between them, or straight out copy+paste from a source. I know that all our assignments were fed into the software (and thats how they were caught), and from what I gather this is becoming common practice at universities, and now even high schools, where copy+paste assignments are becoming a majority (at least there aren't huge penalties as is associated with university expulsion).

O/T but an old accounting lecturer used to check plagiarism between students very simply: look at Properties in Excel/Word. And see if the 'Author' was the actual 'author'. One semester 15 people were picked up with the same 'author' name... interesting? All they'd done was take a copy each from someone who had left their sheet open in the computer labs, reformat the columns, text, some even went to the point of making purposeful mistakes to not get picked up... didn't work LOL. The actual author went to a lot of effort clearing his name – don't know how it ended though.

Such software must exist, as I'm pretty sure that the uni software even picks up on paraphrasing, which would come pretty close to what you're looking for, but analyzing grammar, structure etc. would be pretty tough!

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