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Find references for essays

An additional requirement is to cite the other author’s name or the title of the resource wherever their ideas are used in the body of the work. That name or essay title will serve to locate the source publication in the essay reference at the end. Typically an entry in this list of sources will mention other particulars of the resource which may be of interest to the readers. Depending on the kind of publication, the information contained for each item in the reference list may consist of any of the following: the author’s name, the complete title of the book or article, the name of the magazine containing the article, the publishers, the date and place of publication, or the website from which the book or article was taken and the date it was retrieved.

Download Free Sample of Essay References

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find references for essays

{{efn|Free-text note}}

is inserted in the text and will appear in the {{notelist}}[a] This has many uses.

The last sections of the article provide the links for the references and the notes: they take this mark up.

== See also == == Notes == {{notelist}} == References == === Citations === {{reflist}} === Bibliography === * Full Citation 1 * Full Citation 2 * Full Citation n === Further reading === * Further Citation 1 * Further Citation 2 * Further Citation n == External links ==

This method is useful when you are making many page references from a limited number of books.

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Lorem ipsum.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>Source name, access date, etc.</ref> ==References== {{Reflist|30em}}

Lorem ipsum.[1] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[2]


  1. ^ Source name, access date, etc.
  2. ^ Source name, access date, etc.

Error messages[edit]

Any error messages in the content or formatting of a reference will be reported in a message appearing with the footnotes (typically at the bottom of a webpage). Similarly, this is where a flag about a WP:DEADLINK will appear. This avoids cluttering the flow of the main text of the article with messages that may not be of interest to the typical reader.

There are a number of tools available to help with citation placement and formatting, some of which are internal tools and scripts while others are available from external sites. For example, reFill and Reflinks edit references by adding basic information to bare URLs in citations. Another example is Wikipedia citation tool for Google Books that converts a long Google Books URL into a filled-out {{cite book}} template ready to be pasted into an article.

Use of columns[edit]

Columns are not supported by some obsolete web browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and below; see {{reflist}} for technical details

When using {{reflist}}, the list can be split into columns.

{{reflist|xxem}} where xx is the column width in em. By setting the width in em, the number of columns will automatically be adjusted to the width of the display.

The set columns feature is now deprecated in favor of the option described above, which is better suited to flexible formatting for a variety of display screen sizes, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to wide-screen "cinema" displays. Forcing a fixed number of columns has been disabled in mobile view.

You can also insert a plain-text citation using the "Basic" option in the manual tab.
The "Cite" icon in VisualEditor's toolbar

Position your cursor after the sentence or paragraph that the citation is intended to support. Click the "Cite" button in the VisualEditor toolbar. A dialog box will appear, with options for automatic formatting, filling in a citation template or plain text manually, or re-using an existing citation.

Date format[edit]

One of the three formats shown below is accepted for dates. Invalid dates will be flagged by an error message that will appear with the footnoted reference. The ISO date, the last format shown, is preferred by some editors for the "Date accessed" field, because it conveys the necessary information in as compact and unobtrusive a way as possible.

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