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Free essays about substance abuse

free essays about substance abuse

free essays about substance abuse Free Essays on Substance Abuse In Youth through

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Drug Use And Abuse

Mtf otherwise known as monitoring the future, is a survey where professional researchers got the classroom of High School students, college aged people to take surveys on drug use. The State of Michigan University, under a contract with the federal government, instituted this survey. Dawn is a drug abuse-warning network. It operates differently from MTF and the other organizations because it focuses on hospital episodes and mentions. Nurses and ER personnel usually deal with this research. However the ER tends to be busy therefore surveys are not conducted consistently and accurately. Usually autopsies can determine proper research.

DUF/ Adam- Arrestee drug abuse monitoring. The DUF/ Adam surveys and researchers recent arrestees on drugs. Researchers ask questions and perform urine testing. It is useful data because it gives the government an idea of how many arrestees participate in drug use. NHSDA- the national household survey on drug abuse. This survey is conducted on anyone 12 or older who lives in a household.

These surveys are very important because it does not generalize drug use as a whole; rather it narrows down the various drugs users and its subcultures. Each survey tend to pin point a certain aspect or reason why drug use is so prevalent. It categorizes drug use by age, class, and households.

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