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High school science project competition

The National Science Bowl is a highly visible educational event offered by the Department of Energy which is open to students from ninth to twelfth grades. It is a team competition, and teams must consist of four students from one school. This competition is a question and answer format, with the questions being either multiple choice or short answer.

Students first participate in regional events around the US, and those winners compete at a national event in Washington, D.C. In addition to participation in the competition itself, students will build and race a model fuel cell car. The will also have the opportunity to meet well-known scientists as they lecture on current topics in math and the sciences. More »

high school science project competition

high school science project competition Siemens Competition | Math : Science : Technology

high school science project competition


  1. Qivagovaneheji

    CIHR Announcement: Delay of next Project Grant Competition

  2. Polirabu

    Apparently Ada is still a thing! “Make with Ada is an embedded software project competition sponsored by AdaCore”

  3. Vudunoqobarav

    Project Diva Competition! -

  4. Fobodolot

    ‘Honey 4’ Atlanta Casting Call for a Dance Competition Scene

  5. Demelepaxulago

    Ready steady grow - fun Sunflower Growing Competition starting next Thursday at Kyra Gardening Therapy 2-4pm

  6. Lahopedusu

    Jacqueline Wilson fans could be published in her new book in this fab competition - a great project for the weekend!

  7. Cusaperix

    We have not identified funding for this project yet so we do not have a start date or competition date.

  8. Dodoribuwip

    After record runs in car CD player Winter Stay Autumn Brighter Still have serious competition

  9. Gexazehopiwuce

    Did you see where they added a new show that is a craft competition called handmade project? Who the hell would watch that. Kindergarteners?

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