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How i can write my name in different styles in facebook

Stylish Fonts for Facebook | Symbols & Emoticons

Facebook does not officially support changing the font on your profile. Some people manage to make it look like this by putting in script characters (Hindi, etc.) that look vaguely similar to English letters, or by combining Unicode characters.

But this does have some downsides:

  1. A lot of people find it annoying.
  2. People searching for your name won't see it, because your name in Facebook's database won't actually be the characters of your name that people would be searching for.

I would suggest that you not do this, but if you really want to, you'll have to look for special characters that look like letters.

What happens if you don’t like the font that the Facebook is using? Does this mean that you should not use the Facebook?

As per the official Facebook team, there is no option to change the font on Facebook the default way. But as they say there is always a method when you search for one. Here we will explain to you how to change the default font on Facebook and get better user experience.

Why should you change the default Facebook font?

This can be attributed to any number of reasons.

  • Some users might not like the default font setup available.
  • Facebook users might be looking for a change
  • Facebook users might be looking to surprise your friends with the change in fonts feature.

Whatever it may be, you may consider trying it out once here at least.

How to type your Facebook status updates in different font styles? 

There seem to be countless third party sites on the Internet which allows you to type your Facebook status updates in different font styles..here we introduce to you a site called Name funk to do this task for us.

On the site you can see the various tabs with the styles of font mentioned above it and also the separate tab for typing your message.

Facebook status updates in different font styles

3. so type your ststus update on the type yoru message column and you will see that your message will get transalted automatically the boxes below inthe various styles. here are the styles thst is pesent there

– Funky

here the font of the text gets changed and the message you typed gets the new font update. you can see how this font looks like here.

Facebook status updates in different font styles

– Arabic text

Here the message you type gets translated into the Arabic language and will be shown on the box.see how the message looks like here.

Facebook status updates in different font styles

– Hacker text

This is another form of fun status update. her your message gets converted into hacker text and you will have another unique status update to do. See how hacker text looks like for our message here.

Facebook status updates in different font styles

– Flipped text

The message you type gets flipped and will get displayed upside down.

Now you just need to copy paste this text on to your status to get the status with the new font .

Bonus Facebook Trick

Another common Facebook status trick would be to type the status update in the reverse order.

If you just want to reverse whatever you write and update it as a status then here is a trick waiting for you. Try this out and feel the fun of reverse reading and you can even draw the attention of your friends.

Upside-down text

Go to Upside-down text and type your status in the first input box on the site. Just copy the Upside down text from the second post and paste on Facebook and updates it as your status.

Hope you enjoyed these Facebook tricks.

For example :
www.gtricks.com –> ωωω.gтяι¢кѕ.¢σм
Isn’t it cool ? –> !5n’7 !7 (001 ?

Now you can change your name, status and even message someone in cool language by help of these tools :

Tested on Google talk, Orkut, MSN and Yahoo messenger. Tell me if you got some other methods to do apart from these.

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