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How to make a paper firework

how to make a paper firework How to Make Fireworks. This type of homemade firework is called a Cremora Fireball. tissue paper. Cremora or substitute flammable powder. Wiki How to Make Origami Fireworks. Making the Initial Folds for Your Origami Firework Folding the. A folding bone is a tool that is used in paper crafts to. How to Make Fireworks. Shell hemispheresYou will need two 3 paper hemispheres to make this shell. How to Make a Cake Firework.

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This type of homemade firework is called a Cremora Fireball. They're easy to make and exciting to watch.


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    Punch a hole near the bottom of an empty can. You'll want a can that's between 12 and 28 ounces. Most soup or large coffee cans work just fine. You need to make sure that the inside of the can is completely smooth, otherwise the contents of the can won't be propelled smoothly upward.[1]
    • The hole should be about the size of your fuse (usually about 2-3 millimeters).
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    Insert a 4-inch fuse into the hole at the bottom of the can. It's easy to find firework fuses at a hardware store or hobby store.


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