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Mcdonalds writing paper

So I would ask that, were this application to be allowed, it should have conditions attached - namely that McDonald's give an undertaking that all suppliers of animal products to this branch (including companies involved in the rearing, transport or slaughter of animals for consumption there) guarantee that all animals used for their products are raised in genuine free-range conditions, and that they will allow inspection of their facilities by representatives of Compassion in World Farming.

(8) NOT A FIT AND PROPER PERSON - The applications should be rejected on the following grounds. In the light of the High Court's findings (that McDonald's exploit children, pay low wages, are anti-union, are culpably responsible for cruelty to animals, are risking the health of long-term regular customers, and are deceiving the public when they promote their food as nutritious), I submit that McDonald's is not a fit and proper person/company to be granted planning permission to open this store. If the local authority accept the company's proposal they will be aiding and abetting the abovementioned practices and failing to protect the community.

This paper presents a corporate analysis of this company. Specifically, the analysis will involve an evaluation of the company’s financial statement, financial ratios, equity, bonds, international operations and strategies. The aim of the analysis is to establish whether the company is forms a viable investment options. Analysis of financial statement and ratios revealed that McDonalds is well managed and highly profitable company that has a huge potential for future growth. Analysis of the company equity revealed that the company’s stock is one of the best performing in the market with strong potential for growth and high return. The paper concludes that McDonald is a viable investment option.

 McDonald Corporate Analysis

  1. 1. Introduction

McDonald is an American chain of fast food restaurants. It is the largest fast food chain in the world having operations in 117 different countries and over 30,000 restaurants. The company is listed in the New York stock exchange. This paper presents a corporate analysis of this company that was conducted with the aim of advising investment decisions.

Some of these restaurants operate under the direct management of McDonalds but most of them operate as franchise (80%) or affiliates. McDonald earns revenue from the affiliates and franchises through royalties, rent and fees. In 2010 the Corporation recorded $24.075 billion in revenue making it the largest fast food restaurant in the world. The company is big employee with an estimated 1.5 million employees working in different facilities around the world. The company stock have also been performing significantly well in the financial market. The value of the stock is high their yield are among the highest in the market. In 2010, the company used $5.1 billion shillings to repurchase shares from shareholders and in payment of dividends. Current the company’s stock is ranked third in the Dow Jones Composite Index. McDonald faces fierce competition in the fast food restaurant business. Some of McDonald big competitors include; Burger King Holdings Inc; Doctor’s Associates Inc; Yum! Brands Inc and Wendy/Arby’s Group. However, the company has always remained ahead of its competitors as the company continues to command the largest share in the market. He agreed that managers have the power, while any crew person is working their scheduled shift, to compulsorily cut or extend the hours being worked (the crew handbook states: "On occasions you may be asked to continue working past your normal finishing time. You will be released as soon as the need for your service has passed"). Even breaks can be cut. In any event, crew are not paid for meal breaks.

Mr Nicholson also admitted that any McDonald's workers interested in union membership "would not be allowed to collect subscriptions...put up notices...pass out any leaflets...to organise a meeting for staff to discuss conditions at the store on the premises...or to inform the union about conditions inside the stores" (which would be deemed 'Gross Misconduct' and as such a 'summary sackable offence'). These all relate to clauses in the 'Crew Handbook' - the company's contract of employment. In fact, Mr Nicholson agreed, "they would not be allowed to carry out any overt union activity on McDonald's premises". I believe that this systematic discrimination against trade union activity is unlawful and Haringey Council will be failing in its statutory duty to protect employees' working conditions should they allow this application to go ahead.


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