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Paper mario emulator settings

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Dolphin drops Direct3D12 video backend

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I love RetroArch's Systematic theme, but since I use LaunchBox, I rarely get to see it, so I converted the icons to use in my roms folder! Love the results.

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XENIA Xbox 360 Emulator - Spider-Man: Edge of Time (2011). Ingame. Vulkan #1

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XQEMU progress, 2 games go ingame

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What's the difference between Yabause and uoYabause for Windows?

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Super Mario Brothers 3: Removing the Flicker and Green Sides

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Problematic stuff in Play Store's TOS - end of Retroarch Android on Play Store?

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Is there a hierarchy to how hard emulators are to run?


The Flare Path: Breaks The Golden Rule (PCSX2 featured on RPS)

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PCSX2 Q1 2017 Progress Report


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