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Writing apps for fitbit

Why would this be the reason?

Usually in business when you partner with someone there is money or services exchanged. A partner usually implies a level of exclusivity between companies either with parts, supplies, software, money, etc. In this case Fitbit has Microsoft HealthVault listed as its sole Partner, not as a supported App, Device, Service, Website or Software.

Obviously there can be more then one partner. However it's not a stretch to assume that Fitbit's current sole partner Microsoft may not be happy with direct competition with Apple if there is a "partnership". The two services have a lot of overlap and both companies want the lions share of this new, fast growing and tremendously lucrative segment of the healthcare industry.

It's not on the "Social Media" page.

It's on Sharing page under Partners.

Yes sorry I mis-labeled the page. Meant to write Sharing (or share as the url says).

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Fitbit Flex Product Manual - English - Adobe

writing apps for fitbit Fitbit Web App

writing apps for fitbit Fitbit Web App


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