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Www.my village essay.com

www.my village essay.com

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My Village

The name of my village is kaleshwor which lies in lalitpur it is located at the south eastern part of lalitpur district. It is about 60km. far from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is one of the hilly villages where the larger columns of hill is located. 
About 2500 people live in our village . The people are from different castes and communities. There are Hindus and Buddhists Most of the people are dependent upon agriculture. There are many educated people in our village Very few of them work in high offices under the Government . There are teachers, professors and businessman who live in towns and come to the village during holidays
There is a high school in the village There are four primary schools in our village There is a health post and a post office the village market is very small . People have to go about 10 km. to meet big market. There is an association of the people to develop the village . The association helps the por people for loan at low interest. Villagers are cooperative, so our village is an example of co-oprative village People organize volleyball and football tournament annually.
 The climate of the village is very good. It is neither so cold and nor so hot. Pure drinking water is provided. There are two small rivers. The rivers and a small forest are its ornaments. 
As the villagers are hardworking and honest, our village is being improved with many facilities. Transportation and hydro- electricity are coming soon A whole, our village is one of the best villages 
Points to remember
  • Name of the village 
  • Facilities: - road, malut school, health post post office , drinking water 
  • Location ( situated) of the village 
  • Population of the village 
  • Social work
  • Religion of the communities
  • Manner of the villagers. 
  • Occupation of the villagers

www.my village essay.com


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