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Are online law schools any good

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There are some excellent reasons for knowing the law outside of the most usual reason – namely getting a good job with a law firm. For example, someone hacks into your computer and stores questionable material on your hard drive. Now you are facing charges and a lengthy prison sentence. Worse yet, none of the local attorneys know enough about cybercrime to help you with your case (common occurrence). You better know the law! Don’t expect the police or federal officers to explain it to you because they are only out to convict you. Or, as a second example, you want to start a consulting firm to better leverage your expertise. Again, you better know the law. That is, unless you want to pay expensive attorney fees over a simple matter or, even worse, adopt an organizational model that is not optimal to your line of business. Or, you are the victim or workplace bullying. What are your rights? You better know the law. Or you are accused of workplace harassment. Again, if you value your job, you better know the law. Or, you are a doctor and you’re the victim of a frivolous lawsuit that threatens your practice and your professional reputation. Again, you better know the law. Depending on the lawyers that you hire to protect you is risky business. For one thing, you may not be able to find a lawyer who possesses the expertise to handle your case. This is a particular problem with legal cases involving the Internet. Another common issue is that your attorney is simply too busy to properly handle your case or, worse yet, they relegate your case to the youngest and least experienced attorney in their firm. In these cases, you need to know the law so that you can assist your neophyte attorney. In my personal experience, these young attorneys appreciate any help that you can provide, as long as you treat them courteously. Remember that no one has as high a stake in the outcome of your case as you. Look, we no longer live in our “Dad’s” America. Crime is sky high and good jobs are scarce. Yet we still have to live in this society. The best way of surviving is through education because knowledge is power. Therefore, people need to look at the best educational opportunities available and invest wisely. Some of the skills that you acquire may lead directly to a job, while other skills may simply help you to survive. Concord represents one of the best educational investments I ever made. (It does, however, fall into the category of helping me survive because I do not work as a professional attorney.) Originally, I thought that I would take the EJD degree and learn about the law. I started, however, in the JD program on a lark and graduated in 2007. I never intended to become a lawyer, but I did pass the FYLSE on my first attempt in 2004 in the most difficult way imaginable – I received an extremely high score on the difficult contracts multiple choice portion of the exam -- the area of the FYLSE that is most dreaded by the test-takers. (I believe that many professional lawyers would be unable to duplicate my performance!) Granted, I’m a scientist and my writing skills are not always the best. But Concord’s preparation for the examination was excellent in all ways. The professors were helpful and would answer questions within one day. I was one of the better students in my class, as it turned out, and I seldom needed help with material. Still Concord was no walk in the park. I had to work hard to finish the course of study. The work aside, my entire experience at Concord was top-notch in that I got what I wanted from the program. Look, I know that detractors on this site take issue with Concord’s 33% pass rate on the FYLSE, but you have to understand that the test is a competition. The California Bar regulates the number of test-takers who can pass the test on any given setting. For example, if too many people do well on the multiple choice part of the test, the California Bar will actually scale the test to fail out people who have numerical scores good enough to pass. In contrast, if too many people score badly and not enough people pass, the California Bar will sometimes curve the scores higher. The bottom line is that the California Bar knows how many people they will allow to pass the examination on any one sitting and they will take measures to make sure that only that number of people pass. So Concord has no way to enhance the pass rates except through discouraging students from taking the test. Concord simply will not do that because it goes against their philosophy of giving everyone a chance. Hopefully, that better explains the FYLSE. I never took the California Bar – that was never my goal – but I cannot tell people how many times I have used my legal background to solve problems at work and in my life. People need to know the law. I cannot express that enough. Also, I am eligible to take the California Bar if I choose to do so sometime in my life. While I am an IT programmer by profession, I use my legal background at work on a daily basis because the area in which I specialize is so highly dependent on an understanding of the law. Regarding the Concord first time pass rate, it is based solely on the California Bar, one of the nation’s toughest. If you look at the scores of ABA test-takers from other states, you’ll see that Concord fares reasonably well. Also, the overall Concord pass rate is around 50% when you include people who take the bar multiple times. Obviously, Concord does not compete well against Stanford Law and it shouldn’t because they are not the same thing (or anywhere near the same price). The youngsters at Stanford (as well as UCLA, USC, Harvard, Michigan, and the rest of the elites) represent some of the nation’s best young legal minds. Almost none of them will be available to “regular folks” because on graduation they will go to top corporate firms. One way that corporate America controls the law if by keeping the best legal minds in a position where they are dedicated to the menial tasks of a company. That is why we need Concord!

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