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how to write great blog content

Successful bloggers have to keep their heads around many different aspects of the medium – but at it’s core is being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time.

How you do this will vary from blogger to blogger to some extent as each blogger has their own style – however there are some basic principles of writing great blog content that might be worth keeping in mind.

Below are a few of the lessons I’ve learned on the topic over the years.

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Where to Start

How to Craft a Blog Post – This is a series of posts that walk bloggers through a variety of points on blog writing that can make a good post great.




Principles of Successful Content Creation


  • How to Make Your RSS Feeds POP! – a series on how to develop a compelling RSS feed, how to grow your RSS readership and how to get RSS readers visiting your actual blog

If you don't own a blog yet, you need to find the right platform for you. There are so many blogging platforms out in the market to choose from such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium, Weebly etc. Try one out; if you are not satisfied with its offered features, then you can move to another, there are countless options some are free and some paid.
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    Pick a topic that you are passionate about. Even if you don't have a passion, writing about your daily life can make for a good read, depending how you word it. If you are going to blog about what you did today, make it interesting. People are looking for a funny story or your opinion on a debatable subject. They may not be as willing to read how you changed a lightbulb today. Using photos can help enhance the reading experience and engage readers more.

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    Read a lot. This simply means you need to go through other bloggers' posts, which helps to improve your writing skills and exposes you to new ways of writing.

  • If you are blogging about fashion, travel or food, then you can choose interesting or attractive themes related to this, which helps to attract readers. Try to make a simple, stylish and professional design.
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    Learn about search engine optimization (SEO). The very basics of this is knowing which keywords to focus on. These are what people are searching for in the search engines, and how they might find your blog. Some of these keywords get a lot more searches than others get, so it's in your best interest to eventually choose the ones that do get searched for often. Keep in mind that these are often more competitive than ones that are searched for less -- but you might get lucky.

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    Focus your efforts on these keywords for now. Choose a big one that will take longer to reach, as well as three to four additional terms you're going to try to rank for. These should all be similar! Then, you're going to include these keywords in each blog post you make in various combinations.

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    Make your posts unique. Make your posts something you can't get on other blogs. Try to change your format. Also try to organize your post. The better your post is organized the better the post will seem. The better your posts seem the better your blog will seem.
    • Make sure that you're always posting amazing content. The better your content and the more interesting your blog, the more people will link to it. There is nothing better than getting free links just because people liked what you have to say! Keep your mind on the SEO side of things, but also remember that you are ultimately catering to the needs of the people in your niche. If they like you, the search engines will like you.
  • Part 4 Promoting your blog

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      Promote your blog. When you start only you will know about the blog. Only start promoting your blog after you get about 15 posts or so. If you promote it before people will think your blog isn't good enough.
  • Add a link to your site on a forum signature. It will be better if the forum and your blog are the same topic. Make sure you post on the forum though.
  • Exchange links with others sites. Make a blog roll.
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    Take a break once in a while. Don't take a break every other week though.

  • Part 5 Interacting with your readers

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      Be a responsive blogger. When readers leave comments, it means they're interested in interacting with you and getting your feedback. If you ignore them, there is a risk that they'll feel unappreciated and will stop reading your work

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      When readers leave their comment on your blog post, then it’s your prime duty to be responsive and get interact with them. This may show the interest of your reader on your post and also helps in building a healthy relationship with other bloggers.

    There are many ways to do this, such as surveys, polls, quizzes and even competitions.

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    • How can I earn money through a blog?

      wikiHow Contributor

      After your blog starts getting enough attention, you can search for platforms such as Google AdWords - they insert ads on your website to advertise other products. The more people who view it, the more they will pay you.

    • How does a blogger earn money?

      wikiHow Contributor

      When it gets popular enough, you could put ads on your blog from an ad provider like Google Adwords. Or, if you have another project that earns money, people who like your content and like you are very likely to try to find more stuff from you. Simply leave the link somewhere on your blog, perhaps in your bio.

    • How much time should I expect to spend blogging to become a good blogger?

    wikiHow Contributor

    The best topic is human life.

  • Is it easy to be a blogger?

    Fahed Fahed

    To blog is easy. To make a living of blogging is hard. You have to know a bit of code, be a good writer, know a lot about a topic, put some good time into it, know how to market yourself, and/or be very lucky.

  • What is the best topic to write about that helps teens?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Choose common teen-related issues, like skin care, fashion, grades, and improving self confidence. Think of issues you had as a teenager, as they are likely still relevant to today's teens.

  • Would it be popular to write about my life, like a journal?

    wikiHow Contributor

    It is a popular thing to do, although a lot of people have moved onto 'vlogging' (video blogging). If you're interested in blogging about your life, make sure it's interesting enough for people to be engaged in it.

  • What should my posts be about?

    wikiHow Contributor

    For a lifestyle blog, you might want to write about interior design, cooking, DIY projects, and some personal posts about what you're up to.

  • Can I write a blog about health and how it has become such a large part of life, and how to find ways to deal with certain things to share feelings?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Certainly! Health and well-being is a very popular topic, and people will be interested if you have a unique perspective on the issue.

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    Unanswered Questions

    • How do I get in touch with celebrities if I am blogging about them?

    • How to make a blog in blogger and what should be my initial steps for becoming a successful blogger? And can I create a free blog? If yes then can I earn something from it? Or I should go for paid blogs?

    • How do I get products to make publicity for on a blog?

    Establishing yourself as someone with an interesting opinion on a certain set of topics will keep people who share your interests coming back for more. What's so important in your life that you're drawn to discuss it publicly? People blog about everything under the sun: family, food, cars, professions, the apocalypse, gardening. Think about your own priorities in life and decide where your blog will fall.
    • Just because you aim to be a "food blogger" or a "fashion blogger" doesn't mean all of your content will have to be pigeonholed into that specific category. You can be a food blogger who also talks about being a single mom, or a sports blogger who writes about politics occasionally.
    • Read other blogs that fall into the same genre to get a sense of the community that is already built around that particular topic. Entering the blogosphere is like entering a big group conversation. What are you going to contribute? What's unique about your story?
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    Write like an expert.
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