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Financial economics dissertation topics

financial economics dissertation topics

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financial economics dissertation topics Financial Economics Thesis Topics - Project Topics

financial economics dissertation topics

 Selection of a topic for dissertation writing is the most daunting step for a researcher mostly because it involves going through phases of confusion in order to select one out of many topics. Economists currently view economics in a modern and slightly different perspective than traditional economics. Different approaches in economics include perspectives like anthropology, sociology, geography and various institutions. Studying economics involving these perspectives provide a clearer view of the issues and problems related to modern economic world. In contrast, only focusing on the traditional economic approaches while selecting a topic will result in some vague outcomes according to modern economics. The most difficult task with respect to economics dissertations involves the collection of data. Mostly the data required is in quantitative form but once the data is acquired a major chuck of the difficulties is eliminated.

There are number of economic perspectives that can be studied in detail by the researcher. Some of the suggested topics that can be aimed by the researcher for his dissertation are listed below:

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Dissertation Topics Related to Economic Geography

Topics under this category include intermingling of geography of various places and economics related to them. Urbanization has expanded its roots deep into the economic world which calls to study the relationship between this expansion and the way how it has altered the world of economics. Some of the topics that can be considered in relation to economic geography are as follows:

  • Role of local ethics and culture in shaping entrepreneurial attitudes in various business approaches.
  • Diversity in entrepreneurial approaches brought up by emigrants in economics of a place: A critical analysis.
  • To discuss the factors involved in facilitating knowledge transfer in a specific locality or place.
  • Economic opportunities provided within local boundaries. A case study of any specific area.
  • To discuss the role of the “European regional policy” in shaping or modifying places in the UK.
  • Location of top IT firms in the UK, the role of location on economics linked to a particular firm.
  • Causes of regional diversity. Analysis of and comparison between the richest and poorest places of the UK.
  • Causes and impacts of spatial clustering in relation to completion in industrial sector.
  • To discuss economics and expansion in bioenergy.
  • Economic modifications faced by emigrants, causes and impacts.
  • To review the role of economic infrastructure in creating job opportunities.
  • A critical analysis of diversity in entrepreneurial attitudes in rural and urban areas.

Dissertation Topics on Microeconomics

This branch of economics deals with economic perspectives on an individual level. It takes into account the allocation of various resources that are limited in nature. Different theories of microeconomics can be applied to markets where different products are bought and sold out. You can also pick up a topic from this field of economics. Some of the suggested topics are listed below:

  • Difference in consumption attitude of the UK over the past 15 years – Critical analysis of the trends in customer behaviour.
  • To what extent does the concept of oligopoly exists in markets of the UK – A critical discussion.
  • In what ways the UK and the Europe firms are different in terms of innovation – A critical analysis.
  • Laws and their impact on British firms.
  • Is the profit of a firm dependent on its size? Evidence from the manufacturing firms in the UK.
  • “European regional policy” and its effects on British small and medium enterprises.
  • To discuss specific traits of the UK innovation organization.
  • Study of the characteristics of the energy market of the UK – A microeconomic approach.
  • Common traits of the top internet technology firms in the US – Analysis of the approaches adopted by different successful technology firms.
  • How is the concept of “economic convergence” linked to salary levels in the United States? – A critical analysis.
  • Various “pricing models” are used in making decisions regarding investment – Discuss their use and role.
  • There are salary inequalities in the United States. What forces are behind the existence of such inequalities? – Critical analysis.

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Dissertation Topics on Employment Economics:

Employment is a very important aspect that is studied in economics. It has its roots into other linkages of economics as well. Employment affects the finances of people and that further determines their type of relationship with their environment or society. Moreover, with the passage of time technology advancements in various fields have impacted on the labour market which directly influenced the employment rate. Dissertation topics related to the field of employment economics are listed as under:

  • Factors responsible for the job creation and job destruction in the United Kingdom.
  • To what extent the concept of self-employment prevails in the United Kingdom – Discuss the factors that determine it.
  • Link between minimum wages and British employment. Critical analysis
  • Technology has strengthened its roots over the past years. In what ways technological advancements have paved ways for British drop in employment levels.
  • The value of labour in the United Kingdom. In terms of demand what type of labour has more weightage – Skilled or unskilled labour? Discuss and analyse.
  • Levels and prevalence of self-employment in various parts of Europe. What is the position of the UK in this regard? Discuss.
  • In what ways immigration affects the British employment levels and productivity? Discuss.
  • How can professional training impact British employment? Discuss.

Dissertation Topics on Finance Economics:

When talking about modern economics financial markets and financial procedures are one of the most important perspectives as they are helpful in the determination of wealth of a country. Following are some of the suggested dissertation topics which come under the category of finance economics:

  • What sort of relationship exists between the cash inflows and the term investment in the United Kingdom? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this relationship.
  • What are the financial strategies adopted by various firms in the United Kingdom and how do they differ from those in Europe? Discuss.

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Dissertation Topics on Economic Sociology

This field refers to the study of sociological aspects in economics perspective. Social networks are also one of the important features in economic world because they can contribute greatly in the promotion of a particular brand or any sort of manufacturing firm. Moreover, different social gatherings in order to highlight a particular industry, firm and even a private setup, can contribute in making it successful. Social networks can impact the economics of a particular agent in a number of ways. Following are some of the suggested topics in this regard:

  • For the promotion of a particular firm/industry/brand various innovation activities are carried out for support. Elaborate their role.
  • Funding of the firms is essential in order to establish it. Define the role of families in funding of a particular firm.
  • Can a blend of different cultures contribute in increasing the level of productivity? Discuss with evidence from a UK firm.
  • Social capital plays its role in the rural areas in the UK – Discuss.
  • Youth is thought to be one of the biggest supports in promotion of economic agents. Discuss
  • Considering entrepreneurial behaviours and actions, can university networks play their part in them? Discuss.
  • Role of social entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom. Discuss

Dissertation Topics on Institutional Economics

There are certain institutions which promote certain values, beliefs and norms and they impact the people in a certain way. They can also impact their business relationships and further they have an influence on the economics of a certain place. These institutions can help in shaping up the economic life and behaviour. Institutional economics is still an emerging field. Following are some of the dissertation topics that you can base your dissertation on.

  • Will power/desire to achieve something make a person/firm successful. How do habits and, time management and activities have an impact on productivity? Discuss.
  • Good organization of a firm impacts it in a positive way. Discuss the impact of cultural mix on the organization of firms in the United Kingdom.
  • What role does bureaucracy plays in the productivity levels of the United Kingdom? Discuss.
  • What methods to ensure economic efficiency in the property markets of the United Kingdom are adopted? Discuss it in the perspective of institutional approach.
  • How do transaction costs affect economic development? Discuss.
  • What are the major forces operating behind the concept of control and ownership in the United Kingdom? An institutional approach
  • Traits of British managers and investors. A Comparative analysis.
  • Job experience has its roots in entrepreneurial actions. Discuss
  • Role of educational aspects in entrepreneurship. Discuss
  • The concept of latent entrepreneurship – A comparison between the United Kingdom and the Europe.

Dissertation Topics on Environmental Economics

Environment and economics share a unique and close relationship. Environment can impact economics in a positive as well as a negative way. There are various environmental economics issues that can be addressed by a researcher for their dissertations. Following are some of the dissertation topics that can help a researcher pick up topics of his interest in the field of environmental economics.

  • “Tragedy of the commons” in comparison to “tragedy of the commune”.
  • The concept of poverty trap and economics of the extreme fishing or overfishing. Discuss
  • To what extent is environment responsible for shaping business behaviours? A critical analysis
  • Economics in relation to biodiversity and nature conservation. Discuss
  • Role of NGO’s and organizations to promote healthy environment through fundraising programs. Discuss
  • Marine resources and their management – An environmental economics approach.
  • Willingness to pay for various recycling programs – A case study of the United Kingdom.
  • Incentives regarding land and water management – A case study of the United Kingdom.
  • Economic value of historical places. Critical analysis.
  • In which field is it cheapest to reduce or cut carbon emissions? Discuss.
  • Ethanol production in economic perspective. Discuss.
  • Environmental improvements in regards to locational differences in communities Discuss in an economic approach.
  • Climate change in relation to economics. Discuss
  • Future trends on economic growth in relation to pollution. Discuss

Dissertation Topics on Regional Development

Economic growth can also be studied at regional level. This field considers economic perspectives on a smaller level as in between regions. Suggestions for dissertation topics in this field are listed as follows:

  • What is the link between profit and regional development? Discuss.
  • The “regional development policy” in the United Kingdom. Discuss.
  • Is there any sort of learning or knowledge gaining involved in regional development? Discuss.
  • Existence of location theories that contribute towards the development and understanding of regional development. Discuss.
  • What role does technology has to play in regional development? In the United Kingdom where is most of the technology concentrated. Discuss.
  • Entrepreneurship and its regional aspects in the United Kingdom. Discuss.
  • Institutional setups and their role in regional development. Discuss.
  • Relationship between unemployment and entrepreneurship. Discuss in the light of evidence from British relationship.

Dissertation Topics on Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics deals with various perspectives of economics in a more generalized form which includes the study of families and their consumption trends, government, interest and exchange rates and other economic aggregates. In this field of economics the major research areas can be “monetary economics” and “economic policy”. Some of the topics in this felid are listed as follows:

  • What is the impact of interest rates on the consumption rates in the United Kingdom? Discuss.
  • How has dollar evolution affected the trends in British spending? Discuss.
  • How the changes in the prices of oil have affected the consumption rates – The case of Britain.
  • Forces operating behind the salary inequalities in the United Kingdom. Discuss.
  • How can the two concepts “economic convergence” and salary levels are linked together? Discuss.

financial economics dissertation topics Financial Economics Thesis Topics - Project Topics

While choosing finance dissertation topics, one should always choose a topic he or she loves, the advisor finds interesting and is knowledgeable about, helpful in his or her career path, establishes his or her niche in the chosen field and last but not the least importantly, a manageable topic. All these factors, if considered while choosing finance dissertation topics, will make the task much easier and interesting. To help inspire you to create a 1st class finance dissertation. This article provides suggestions of topics on which to base your research on. Click on the button below for more information about our Topics with Titles Service:

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Example finance dissertation topic 1:

According to Barrett (2011), ‘one of the financial instruments of mass destruction, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS for short) were at the toxic heart of the credit crunch, providing a fast route to cheap debt… but now, there are hopes that the real estate securitisation markets could creak back into life' - a critical appraisal.

The credit crisis has indeed left a trail of destruction in financial markets, but opportunities to learn from the mistakes of the past abound. This study undertakes an extensive literature review of commercial mortgage-backed securities and considers whether there is a strong future for the product, whilst taking note of the lessons of the past decade. Additionally, the study utilises a primary research method, with the analysis of one-on-one interviews with five leading figures in the City.

London: Estates Gazette.
  • Brealey, R. and Myers, S. (2008) Principles of corporate finance. London: McGraw Hill.
  • Brueggeman, W.B. and Fisher, D.D. (2008) Real estate finance and investments (13th edn). London: McGraw-Hill.
  • Example finance dissertation topic 2:

    Lines of credit in corporate finance: A post-global-crisis case study

    This dissertation evaluates the decision making factors that lead organisations and firms to use either cash or bank lines of credit in corporate liquidity management. In so doing issues relating to viable liquidity substitutes are investigated as well as the need for firms to maintain high cash flows. The dissertation suggests that firms need to maintain high cash flows if they are to remain compliant with covenants, and that banks restrict access to credit facilities where firms are found guilty of covenant violations. This is a highly topical dissertation that can be moulded to a number of global arenas.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Demiroglu, C.
    ', International Centre for Maritime Studies, IFSPA 2010, 15-18 October 2010, Chengdu, China.

    Example finance dissertation topic 4:

    Financial risk management in maritime finance

    The volatility of the maritime industry is well known, and this volatility has been further affected by changes in the financing of ships as banks become more cautious lenders. This study considers how shipping finance is likely to become increasingly involved in loan securitisation, which will bring new risks to ship owners. This study considers the measures ship owners will need to undertake to prepare themselves for such changes, with particular regard to financial risk management. It evaluates maximum levels of risk, and how such levels can be determined, and speculates how this will change shipping investment and new build rates.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Albertijn, S., Bessler, W. and Drobetz, W. (2011) ‘Financing shipping companies and shipping operations: A risk-management perspective', Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol.
    Chief amongst these, historically, has been the use of standard deviation. This has been used because it can illustrate the volatility of a potential investment, and the correlated inherent risk associated with it, that can be correlated to its volatility. Using predominantly secondary sources this dissertation charts the development of the standard deviation over the last forty years and evaluates its on-going appropriateness as a mechanism by which to evaluate risk in the post credit crunch era.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Konno, H. and Yamazaki, H. (1991) ‘Mean-absolute deviation portfolio optimization model and its applications to Tokyo Stock Market', Management Science, Vol. 37(5), p. 519-531.
    • Merton, R.C. (1973) ‘On the pricing of corporate debt: The risk structure of interest rates', American Finance Association, December 1973, p. 1-35.
    • Tobin, J. (1958) ‘Liquidity preference as behavior towards risk', Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 25(1), pp. 1-26.

    Example finance dissertation topic 6:

    An analysis of the extent to the most important risk that international banks face in cross-border operations is political risk

    As Garrett, Mahadeva and Sviridzenka note, ‘systemic risk among the network of international banking groups arises when financial stress threatens to criss-cross many national boundaries and expose imperfect international co-ordination' (2011: 1).

    Political understanding is a key component of managing risk in this environment and must be evaluated carefully in order to contain risk. This study conducts interviews with a representative of the Bank of England and well as financial figureheads to develop a wider understanding of the problem.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Nolle, D.E. and Kelly, H.C. (2003) ‘Cross-border outsourcing and risk management for banks', Capco Institute Journal of Financial Transformation, Vol. 8, pp. 63-72.
    • Garrett, R., Mahadeva, L. and Sviridzenka, K. (2011) ‘Mapping systemic risk in the international banking network', Bank of England Working Paper No. 413, London: Bank of England.

    Example finance dissertation topic 7:

    With reference to the Dutch banking sector and contemporary developments within corporate governance: To what extent is there now a closer correlation between the expectations of internal and external auditors?

    The introduction of a new Dutch Corporate Governance code from 1st January 2009 has ushered in a new era of corporate governance within the Dutch banking sector.

    Three years into this new system this dissertation seeks to evaluate the extent to which the reforms have realised their creators' intentions and does so via reference to the auditing and governance arrangements presently in existence within four Dutch banks. Accordingly, this dissertation supplements existing academic knowledge through conducting interviews with a number of senior banking officials so that this study advances understanding within the field.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Code Tabaksblat (Frijns, J., ed.) (2008) De Nederlandse corporate governance
    • Code. Available at: http://www.commissiecorporategovernance.nl/page/downloads/Dec_2008_Code_NL.pdf [accessed 27 May 2012].
    • Friesland Bank (2010), Financieel jaaroverzicht 2010, Friesland Bank: Leeuwarden, pp. 1-163.
    • Glover, S.M., Prawit, D.F. and Wood, D.A. (2008) ‘Internal audit sourcing arrangement and the external auditors' reliance decision', Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol.

    According to its then Managing Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF agreed in 2010 to ‘the most fundamental governance overhaul in the Fund's 65-year history and the biggest ever shift of influence in favour of emerging market and developing countries to recognize their growing role in the global economy' (IMF, 2010). This was done in partial response to previous claims by, amongst others, Coffey and Riley, (2006), that the IMF lacks legitimacy and is inefficient. Using Strauss-Kahn's pronouncement along with the academic opinions of Coffey and Riley this dissertation evaluates the post 2010 reforms to the governance of the IMF.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Coffey, P, and Riley, R. (2006) Reform of the international institutions: The IMF, World Bank and the WTO. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.
    • Seabrooke, L. (2007) ‘Legitimacy gaps in the world economy: Explaining the sources of the IMF's legitimacy crisis', International Politics, Vol. 44, pp. 250-268.
    25, pp. 1-22.

    Example finance dissertation topic 9:

    Quantitative easing: The controversial approach of the Bank of England

    Even within the Bank of England itself, the approach of quantitative easing to the current financial crisis has been riven by controversy. This study examines the methods by which the Monetary Policy Committee arrives at its decision, and takes a particular interest in the views of the former member of the Committee, Professor Andrew Sentance, who was a vociferous opponent to the rounds of quantitive easing undertaken by the Bank. The author will seek to interview Prof. Sentance (currently at the University of Warwick) to gain a greater understanding of the dilemmas faced by the Committee.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Joyce, M. (2012) ‘Quantitative easing and other unconventional monetary policies: Bank of England conference summary', Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin. London: Bank of England.
    • Joyce, M.
    ', Speech given by Andrew Sentence, at the Institute of Economic Affairs, State of the Economy Conference, London, 17 February 2011.

    Example finance dissertation topic 10:

    A critical assessment of the role of the WTO in world trade. To what extent can it be argued that the organisation, in its institutional operations, is designed primarily to advance the interests of developed nations?

    This dissertation seeks to evaluate the extent to which the five underlying principles noted still guide the work of the WTO. First, it examines the principle of non-discrimination. Secondly, the study reviews the issue of transparency (in both operations and internal governance). Thirdly, it considers the principle of fairness and equitability within trade negotiations and agreements. Fourthly, the dissertation explores the principle of reciprocity, and finally the extent to which preferential trade treatment is still enshrined within the workings of the WTO so as to support the infant industries of developing nations.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • Bowman, G.W. (2011) ‘Of haves and have-nots: A review of developing countries and the multilateral trade regime: The failure and promise of the WTO's development mission', Trade, Law and Development, Vol. 3(1), pp. 242-265.
    • Hanegraaf, M., Beyers, J. and Braun, C. (2011) ‘Open the door to more of the same? The development of interest group representation at the WTO', World Trade Review, Vol. 10, pp. 447-472.

    Example finance dissertation topic 11:

    Corporate strategy and capital structure: An analysis of the linkages between them

    Long-term capital structure decisions help determine corporate flexibility and the advancement of strategies that may be utilised in the face of external or internal pressures. Given this, capital structure decisions are a complex function, influenced by, amongst other factors, institutional structures, liquidity constraints, tax regimes, and liquidity constraints.

    Secondly, it addresses the implications of cultural diversity between countries upon individual policy makers within firms. Thirdly, it considers the extent to which there is a similarity between the cross-sectional variability of individual countries' capital structures. The dissertation can be moulded to suit a range of individual countries.

    Suggested initial topic reading:

    • DeAngelo, H., DeAngelo, L. and Whited, T.M. (2011) ‘Capital structure dynamics and transitory debt', Journal of Financial Economics,Vol. 99(2), pp. 235-261.
    • Kovenock, D. and Phillips, G.M. (1997) ‘Capital structure and product market behaviour: An examination of plant exit and investment decisions', Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 10(3), pp.767-803.
    • Titman, S. and Wessels, R. (1988) ‘The determinants of capital structure choice', Journal of Finance, Vol.43, pp. 1-19.

    Example finance dissertation topic 12:

    Investment banking: Global multinationals or regional players?


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