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How to draw a border around a paragraph in word

how to draw a border around a paragraph in word

I'm continuing to experiment with Word 2010, this time with paragraphs with borders, and clipart. You can duplicate my experiment by

  1. Make a largish paragraph, perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 of a normal page.
  2. Put a border around it - click the Home-Paragraph-Border tool and make it put an outside border around the paragraph.
  3. Use Insert to add a clipart, I like the flowers. Once you have the clipart in the document resize it so it is smaller than the paragraph in height - and set the text wrapping around the clipart to square.

Now position the clip art in the middle of the paragraph. You'll see it looks very nice with the text flowing around it with a nice border around the paragraph.

Now move your clip art slowly to the right approaching the right margin. As you do the text will reflow and you will reach a point at which there is NO word in the paragraph to the right of your clip art. At this point Word stops drawing the border - it becomes 'broken' - a non-continuous line.

This looks kinda like a bug to me. Has Word always worked like this?

I do see that if I continue moving the clip-art beyond the paragraph border that it has opened up the border and when my picture overlaps the presumed position of the border, there is no border there and so it doesn't run through the picture. A good thing.

But that transition as the clip art nears the border seems rather tacky. Depending on the size of the words in your paragraph there can be quite a space between the right side of the clip art and missing right border of the paragraph.


PS: I suspect this is another of those, "that's just the way it is" things. But I thought I'd ask.


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