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How to make shuriken with paper

how to make shuriken with paper

How to Make and Throw a Metal Shuriken: 12 Steps (with.

How to Make an origami Shuriken (ninja star)

Secure a square-shaped piece of paper preferably six inches long on both sides. Cut the square paper into two equal halves. Fold one piece longitudinally right at the middle. Open the fold and refold it horizontally, on the shorter side. Refold the longitudinal crease you made earlier. Then, fold both sides diagonally but facing opposite each other. Do the same steps for the second piece of paper except that you have to do the folds in the opposite way so that you create a mirror of the first piece of paper.Fold the rest of the square edges diagonally to have pointed corners. Insert the second paper onto the first one and then tuck all corners into the pockets that were created earlier. You now have a brand new shuriken origami!


If you intend to draw your own design follow the second list of instructions on a piece of paper and cut it out or if you would like make an origami shuriken and use that for your design
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    Find or buy a piece of metal or steel 3mm maximum thickness. Now with a pencil draw the outline of the paper shuriken on the steel

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    Use a bench or another surface and clamp the steel to the bench use a hacksaw to cut out the shape of the shuriken or use a strong scissor to cut the thin sheet of metal.

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    File down the edges so you don't cut yourself when you throw it

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    Now, to throw it, grip one of the points with your thumb and index finger bring it up to shoulder height then use the top point to aim by putting it in front of your target then snap your arm out flick the wrist just before you let it go if it is well balanced it will fly with the blades staying vertical if not it will start to go horizontal.

  • 4 in) mark on the ruler is in the same spot as the mark on the line the two lines should end up looking like this +
  • 8

    Now on all four parts mark halfway between the center and the end of the line EG.. O--()--+ center O line ---- half mark () end of line +.

  • 9

    Now match up all four half marks with each other as they will be the guides for angles between each point.

  • 10

    Now connect the ends of the lines with the marks from the last step till all end they are all connected.

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    Now cut out the shape and trace to sheet metal and cut out (if desired cut 1cmsquared out of the center to help throwing and flight).

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    Cut the shape you want. Cut three or four more of the same shape, and lightly glue them together. Tightly cover the shape with duct tape. It won't stick in anything solid, but Styrofoam targets work.

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    • When throwing the shuriken at a target try not to think about scoring a good hit too much or you may miss.
    • Try starting with cardboard to avoid injury
    • Rough steps for own design shuriken


    • Do not carry in pocket if you plan to be running or jumping as the shuriken may stab your leg
    • Check laws in your area to make sure they are legal.
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    Enter the econimcally viable paper shuriken. The paper shuriken enables the average ninja to produce an immediate weapon in almost any situation as long as suitable paper is accessible. It is also green and earth friendly due to paper being 100% reclyable. Never before in history has such a revolutionary ninja weapons technology been so widely available and easily accessible. Now, even the poorest of ninjas most affected by the economy will never have to be weaponless again.


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