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How to write good supporting sentences

Make sure that they support the topic sentence! One way to check this is to mentally change the topic or main idea into a question - then, just be sure that each sentence in your paragraph answers that question somehow!

When you are composing your paragraph, the best way is to make a list of every fact about the topic. Look up information if you need to! Use lots of detail and make the sentences easy to understand. In this way, you can be sure that each of your sentences will support the topic instead of changing the subject.

To make your supporting sentences more vivid and interesting, add description and detail. Click on the Related Questions to see how to make "word pictures" when you write.

2 - Write to Good Supporting a task IELTS Paragraph How

how to write good supporting sentences How to Write a Support Paragraph - Bellevue College


  1. Zadoqeyefekon

    It blows my mind how people are still actively supporting Trump. Are you really that stupid?

  2. Focazov

    Happy birthday to the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the greatest club in the world. This is how I started supporting this club.

  3. Garisecodug

    Dear , I know U don"t know how 2 run a business but when U R going 2 fire some1, U ALWAYS keep supporting documentation on file!

  4. Zabafexudoc

    I love how my friends are supporting me, I love them loads

  5. Mewowebokopi

    Funny how you claim to be for girls supporting girls yet you body shame girls yourself.

  6. Xajoguboy

    How many times do you guys stop supporting NON black owned businesses with bad customer service?

  7. Hewusodojolene

    Did you see the kids crying? How overly dramatic. Instead of supporting a better candidate next time the are throwing tantrums

  8. Wofevivivof

    1 more tweet: it’s funny how the supporting roles r kinda more demanding; i mean L has to pretend to be a peasant pretending to be a king

  9. Mupadorovoyebi

    I"m not the one supporting everything that is causing me to suffer- odd how you are supporting SOMETHING causing your suffering

  10. Cokecem

    How long will you be silent ? supporting one nigeria is an evil act, in British/Nigeria

  11. Hojabete

    I"m proud of supporting , she taught so many things to me.But the most important one is, I learnt how to love someone endless.

  12. Jufoqogewode

    I don"t know, we can always ask FOX News to see what"s their policy on supporting women, and how it"s been working out for them so far.

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