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Hydrogen as a source of energy essay

hydrogen as a source of energy essay About 500 vehicles (automobiles and buses) in the USA are hydrogen-fueled. Electric motors that use using a fuel cells store hydrogen gas and convert the hydrogen into electricity for the motor. Such vehicles are deemed as exclusively eco-friendly since they do not pollute the surrounding environment. The issue high on the forthcoming agenda concerns the construction of re-fuelling stations available to power hydrogen cars (Energy Information Administration, 2008).

2. Ethanol

Ethanol fuel is widely applied as a biofuel alternative to gasoline used in vehicles.


  1. Mirajeduxomoy

    Smoke drifts up right now from the factories of South America as the Sun fuses 620m metric tons of hydrogen/second

  2. Gayudewo

    If possible visit a new sustainable hydrogen technology company located at the Kennedy Space Center called that can produce purified water from any source as a free byproduct of highly competitive zero pollution energy 24/7.

  3. Yagozopenovef

    At the Committee of regions in Brussels, discussing A flagship Initiative of Alternative fuels, among them . My wish is that we would discuss fossil fuels as alternative .

  4. Divovebanuxav

    We have Hydrogen Cyanamide to use as Plant Growth Regulator on different fruit trees and vegetables. Are you interested, please contact us by anfengworldtradesponsor.com for more information. Thanks, Wang Anfeng

  5. Bogejoninoh

    ‘Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing that makes it water, and no one knows what it is’. D. H. Lawrence [1885-1930] English Novelist. ( As seen in the Adelaide botanical garden. )

  6. Joyexudepeku

    Smoke drifts up right now from the factories of Europe as the Sun fuses 620m metric tons of hydrogen/second

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