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I need help organizing my craft room

i need help organizing my craft room

22 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room - Everything Etsy

For pictures of other craft rooms, log on to www.sewing.org . They display a sewing area or room every month – pictures sent in by actual members, of how & where they work & how they organize their tons of stuff. I’m sure you’ll find many ideas that you can customize & use.

Wherever possible, I always like to store my books upright so that they are easily accessible, do not disturb the arrangement & are easy to replace. The titles are also visible clearly. You can use bookends on either side if required.

You could also try to group some books/pamphlets together & bind them or place them in binders or folders for ease. Try some accordion folders too.

Take a trip to a furniture &/or office-supply store – they have a range of storage options that might work for you. Or get them to build a customized one for yourself where there are plenty of drawers in sizes that you need.

Here’re some more ideas :
Try using your walls, if not doing so already. You could get wall units, shelves, etc. on the wall where you could store tons of stuff. You could have one built as per your requirements.

If you are not “using” your doilies, how about displaying them like a collage, on walls? You could buy a few boards & pin up the doilies aesthetically. Wouldn’t that be a unique way to both decorate your home And get some free space!

I, too, use transparent plastic containers for my various threads, yarns, etc. [although I don’t have as much as you do ;-)] – these are easy to see, easy to store [one on top of the other], and look very neat & organized.
You could use cardboard cartons – but paint or decorate them so that they look a bit ornamental instead of drab.
Before ‘throwing out’ cartons, tubes, any sort of containers, etc. that come with other buys [groceries, shoes, suits, whatever…], I always try to think of whether I can use it for storage of for compartmentalization. Eg. I use Pringles’ cylinders to keep my zip-lock pouches – very handy!
You could use zip-lock pouches too for storage & segregation.

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