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  • Redistricting Information Redistricting of elementary schools will take place for the 2018-2019 school year. The Board of Education is currently reviewing three redistricting options. Please click here for the Elementary Redistricting ...
    Posted Mar 28, 2017, 12:47 PM by Kent Hurlburt
  • Kindergarten Registration Any child who will be five years of age on or before January 1, 2018 and meets all residency requirements is eligible to begin kindergarten at the start of the ...
    Posted Jan 3, 2017, 8:50 AM by Kent Hurlburt
  • Pesticide Application Notification Please note the following pesticide application at Buttonball Lane Elementary School. Between 8/4/16 and 8/11/16 a pesticide with the active ingredient of Nemasys G (25b EPA ...
    Posted Aug 2, 2016, 1:21 PM by Patti Renaud



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    Gr 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLHs3_/c2eeba7ecb4b77d23745a49013852ec4/IMG_0957.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLHxX_/1fcd979e4470ef3d3745a49013852ec4/IMG_0964.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLHx4_/b0f53d46ec82261e3745a49013852ec4/IMG_0965.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLHyg_/7a791075620612f93745a49013852ec4/IMG_0967.

  • JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLH6H_/92ca3f236ed247813745a49013852ec4/IMG_0989.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLH6r_/6a5abb3823624c153745a49013852ec4/IMG_0991.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLH7S_/3d6383ce8167662f3745a49013852ec4/IMG_0998.JPG?isPlacedWithSiteDesigner=true

    Gr. 5 Concert

  • /files/_cLExq_/4833b94fa6fa866d3745a49013852ec4/IMG_3190.

  • Comments

    1. Topiyuwufu

      8372 Coghill Lane - home, great new price!

    2. Piriwoc

      AUCTION 4 BR, 2 BA Home on 29 +/- Acres Personal Property 227 Willard Lane, Auburntown, TN Sat., 6/10 10 am

    3. Kijonebabilub

      Is anyone else relying on the trains to get home and worried about what time the show finishes at the o2?

    4. Xivegohiqoceq

      His fam had the home on traverse lane next to St. Louis gateway to west airport, right in the parking lot close

    5. Vobebusenojic

      The 3rd participating home in this year"s house tour, 16 Pryer Lane built in 1911. Tickets on sale in Constitution Park on SUNDAY 12-2 pm.

    6. Kozewiwumuj

      Misty Ashby had lived in the home adjacent to the perpendicular road to bozzeli bar on chestnut blvd.

    7. Yorizewew

      We did get lucky then. Haha you know the rules about those norwich trains! Hope you"re home now

    8. Xoveleti

      Signs that your parents may need more help to stay home. via

    9. Fesexecaqub

      My uncle woke him in the am made him call his parents and sent him home, Tim drove his car home to AKRON.

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