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Mathematics homework policy

mathematics homework policy

Petramale, Ms. - Math / Homework Policy

Homework Policy Student Guidelines for Homework
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Math homework is assigned every day that we have math class. Due to the block schedule, math class is held every other day. I check homework at the beginning of each math class. Students have a minimum of two days between classes to complete the homework assignment.

On your homework pages you should include the following:

  • Any and all work you do for each Application, Connection, and Extension (ACE) question assigned. Include words, charts, pictures, graphs or diagrams or anything else to show your thinking. The ACE homework questions are assigned from the same investigation that was worked on in class. For example, if we worked on Investigation 1 in class the ACE problems are assigned from Investigation 1 in the textbook.
  • Homework Answer keys are attached to the course calendar. Correct the homework prior to returning to class. Show any revisions that you make with a bright colored pen. Also, come to class with specific homework questions.

Please organize your homework for yourself and for me by doing the following:

  • Leave space between problems for potential additions/revisions of your work.
  • Always revise what you have written by “X-ing out” rather than erasing. This saves time and helps me to follow your thinking. It does not count against you to “X-out” work.
  • Date each assignment and identify the Investigation number and ACE numbers.
  • Remember to include all work that will demonstrate your thinking.
  • Have your notebook opened to the assignment at the start of class.

Scoring Rubric for Homework

1 point: Student work is clearly shown for all assigned ACE questions. The work is presented on time, labeled, and easy to find.

0 points: No student work given or incomplete.

In other words homework points earned is "All or Nothing :)"


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