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Model english essays o level

model english essays o level

Teenagers, like me, can greatly influence the whole environment and community of our country, provided that we take the initiative and responsibility, life in our country can be greatly improved by doing some very simple tasks on our own at individual level. Below are some of the tasks that, if people of my age complete, will definitely boost up the process of improving life in the country.

Firstly, we have to take out the thought from our minds that rules are for losers. Rules are created for our own good and welfare and by not following them, we are ruining our society. For example, nowadays it is very common to see young teens riding bikes on the street without a license. By not following the rules, they are putting their lives as well as the lives of other people around them in great danger as they could crash into something or someone. No rule breaking can be considered as the first step towards a healthier and safer society.

Secondly, we could reduce our own expenses and give a part, whether it is a mere part, to the local charities or other social welfare organizations. This way the poor people of our nation could be given shelter, food and clothes to wear easily as there are many young people spending their allowances at places they shouldn’t like buying that extra packet of chips even though your tummy is full.

Thirdly, we could teach those children for free whose parents cannot afford to have their children taught at schools or other educational institutions. By following the policy of “Each one, teach one”, the learned teens can contribute greatly towards a bright future of our country as in later times these educated children will support and develop our nation greatly.

People of our ages could also do other social welfare activities like planting new plants and trees to reduce the pollution and make a clean environment to live in. Trash lifting in groups or individually or not littering the streets are other effective ways to improve the environment of our country. Smoking at such a small age and in public areas is also rule breaking so we should avoid these and many other non social acts if we hope to see a better country. By following the above mentioned as well as other thousands and millions of socially and environmentally friendly activities, we can ensure that the living conditions in our country are likely to be improved effectively and efficiently.

model english essays o level

model english essays o level O-Level English Essay (Sec 3 - 4) | Scholastic Asia

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