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Penn foster high school writing skills writing assignment

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Writing Skills: A Research Project
Penn Foster High School – Lesson # 007130
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penn foster high school writing skills writing assignment Penn Foster High School - Lesson 007130, Writing Skills: A.

penn foster high school writing skills writing assignment

You should begin by choosing a topic like they said of your own personal knowledge or experience. This means you can write about a hobby you have (ex Stamp collecting), a vacation you took (My trip to Montana), or something you feel strongly about (Why Students Should Be Allowed To Go Off Campus During Lunch Hour). Then you write some notes or thoughts on your topic and organize them. For example, if you were to do the Stamp collecting one, some things you might want to mention are; How you got started, where you keep your stamps, where you get them, etc. On the vacation you could mention why you decided to go, how you got there and how many days it took, what you saw, and interesting people you met. If you do something you feel strongly about, you might have to do some research and have statistics to back up your points.

Washington High School in Anytown, Anystate has had an open campus policy for the past two years that allows students to leave at lunch time and return for afternoon classes. Since its implementation, only six students in two years have failed to return for afternoon classes.

This research can come from interviews. If you chose to defend a position, make sure you interview someone you disagree with so that you can refute their arguments.

Writing is just like talking, only you are talking on paper. Your goal should be to interest your reader in your hobby or your trip, teach him or her something or convince him or her that your idea or opinion is the best way. When you have finished writing, check it over for misspellings, punctuation errors, etc. I study while I'm watching horse shows; I study while I’m at the ball field; I take my books everywhere I go!"

Nikki H.,
Veterinary Technician Associate Degree

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"Penn Foster made my goal easily attainable while working a full-time job. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Penn Foster, I will further my education here, because I will never become too old to learn."

Joel M.,
Electronics Technician Career Diploma

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High School

“You can do it, it’s never too late.

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