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Search people's resumes

search people's resumes It helps to establish filters, in terms of minimum education, years of experience, work authorization, salary range and willingness to travel and relocate. "

Subramanian Esakki • Director & Head of Talent Acquisition (US) • Virtusa Corporation

Not only is the search resulting in better results and more qualified candidates, but it’s also easy to use. "

Lauren Schuman • Marketing & Social Media Manager • Pyramid Consulting Group

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Choose the plan that works best for you. Access to our resume database is flexible so you can get–and pay for–exactly what you need. Choose from a Month, 2 Months or more.

Source: Data collected from 48 recruiters, managers and executives from 15 enterprise customers nationwide after hands-on testing of PRS vs. various keyword searches.

search people's resumes Search for Professional Resumes and Candidates by Location

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