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The disadvantages of watching television essay

Television is one of the many wonders of modern sciences and technology. When anyone is asked to write about the disadvantages of watching TV, they generally write the basic things they know. Previously radio helped us hear things from far and near, spread information and knowledge from one part of the globe to another. But all this was done through sound only. Television combined visual images with sound. Today we can watch shows, games, songs and dance programs from all corners of the world, while sitting at our own homes. But as in all things, watching television too much is proved to be harmful. Disadvantages of watching TV topic is a real debate. TV has some benefits and lots of disadvantages. All these things are mentioned when students are asked write disadvantages of watching TV essay. TV has limited the physical games of children thus becoming a thing to mention.

In many cases, the habit of watching TV has an adverse effect on the study habits of the young, and this can be an important point when asked ‘write disadvantages of watching TV essay for me’. When we read books, we have to use our intelligence and imagination. But in most cases TV watching is a passive thing. It may dull the imagination and intelligence of the young minds. It has been analyzed that television comes in the form of harmful material before the students instead of being a helper; this is the major disadvantage to mention in watching TV essay.

Most of the students are interested in watching those shows and programs which are made only for entertainment. These shows and programs are not related to the any kind of knowledge or educational information, instead they are made to only entertain the audience and thus increase the TRP value of the show. Movies, sports, television serials and some such shows keep them busy throughout a day and this reduces their study time and should be well pointed. Disadvantages of watching TV essay are many. The rays that are radiated from the television, effect the eyes of the one who is continuously watching it, and even lead to the weakening of eye power. Watching TV continuously leads to headache and many similar problems. Disadvantages of watching TV do not stop here; interests of the students from their study are reducing due to the entertaining programs that are continuously hosted in the TV and thus affecting the studies of the students. We all know that time is the precious thing of everyone’s life, but lot of the precious time is wasted in watching TV serials and programs. Violent shows that are shown on TV lead to the raise of violence among the kids. These are the ideas that can be pointed out in an essay.

So it can be said that disadvantages of watching TV are numerous and can be easily mentioned. Television should be watched not too much, if the limit is crossed, it will adversely affect those who are watching it. Reductions in physical games, losing concentration, intelligence and imagination power are the major ideas for disadvantages of watching TV essay. Everyone should try and avoid becoming TV addict.


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