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Redbox Movie Awards Awarded for Country Presented by First awarded
Most rented movies in the United States
United States of America
Redbox Automated Retail LLC

The Redbox Movie Awards are awards given annually for the most rented movies in the United States.[1] These awards are organized and presented by Redbox, a subsidiary of Outerwall Inc. The first Redbox Movie Awards were given in 2011.[2]


Nomination, votes and “ceremony”[edit]

Redbox nominates and determines the most popular rental movies of the year by considering two factors:

  1. the annual popularity statistics of rental movies
  2. a special “Redbox Movie Awards poll” that attained, for instance, 30,000 respondents in 2012.[3] The voters were invited with the help of contests organised by Redbox.[4]


The Redbox Movie Awards are presented for many achievements (top movie, best actress, best actor etc.). In all genre categories presented, the recipients of the awards are the directors.[5]

Most rented action film[edit]

Most rented comedy film[edit]

Most rented drama[edit]

Most rented horror film[edit]

Most rented family movie[edit]


Critics have asserted that:

  • The Awards honor bad taste.[7][8] For instance, Adam Sandler received a lifetime achievement award in 2012 for being the most rented actor in the history of Redbox.[9]
  • Being the “most rented” means “being the most rented among the customer base of Redbox”: Redbox traditionally targets families with children, and many boxes are located right outside of McDonald's restaurants.[9]
  • Movies that roll out earlier have a bigger chance of winning the award because they have “more time in kiosks to be rented over and over".[10]
  • Movies of those studios that have an agreement with Redbox – and allow their DVDs be rented at the same time as they go on sale – seem to have an advantage compared to the movies of other studios.[10]

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