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Water crisis essay spm

I have done many projects on one of our most precious resources, water. In my studies I have noticed that there is a great shortage of this very important thing. Water has become the most used resources we have in this world and I believe that at one point we won"t have it anymore. For this very important reason I believe that we should conserve water in Texas homes. First, we use water in great amounts for unnecessary purposes. Second, the shortage of water would make the food providers of our country, the farmers, which we have a lot of in Texas, suffer. Lastly, water is a precious resource that we will run out of if we don"t watch out.

During the summer water is wasted more than it is used for things we actually need. For example, one of the things that children do during the summer in great amounts is swim. When you think of how big a pool is and how much water it takes, an average of about 15,000 gallons. What if we used that water instead to give to the poor dehydrated people in 3rd world countries, think about how much of a better use that would be than just going dipping in a pool. Furthermore, we waste water when we wash our cars. Wouldn"t you rather be able to take a shower and you be clean than have your car clean? Of course you would. The way we waste water though there isn"t going to be much for anything. Lastly, we use water to take baths, right? Well, think of how much water we could save if everybody took a shower instead of a bath. According to scientists we waste 10 gallons of water taking a bath instead of a shower.

It is a fact; we will run out of water if it is not saved. Just try little things to help at first. For instance, put the sprinklers on every four days instead of every other day. The rain can saturate the grass and plants enough for it to grow. Secondly, try to not keep the water running in the faucet for a long period of time. For example, if you are brushing your teeth try to keep the water off until you are ready to rinse your mouth instead of keeping it on the whole duration that you are brushing your teeth.

water crisis essay spm

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