06 09

Writing jobs to do from home


  1. Rofecajosofe

    Just from now on I got myself , I"ll be 10 toes down by myself , came in this world alone I can do everything alone

  2. Nevecikig

    Not enough hours, pulled from pillar to post getting fk all done, kids - do not have kids whilst trying to hold down a job

  3. Xohewoyixu

    I"ve not read World of Wakanda, but from that article it could have benefitted from the OGN treatment. Which Marvel do but not enough.

  4. Tasaziwegegodo

    Where do you buy your green coffee from? Also, *drool*.

  5. Fogukasaxi

    This is the sort of shit that makes my boil makes you think why do I bother paying taxes from my hard earned money so they can waste it!

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