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3rd grade homework help

3rd grade homework help

Many students struggle with their homework, and this can lead to poor grades overall. To make sure you succeed, keep reading to learn some tips on how to handle your 3rd grade homework assignments.

Homework Help: Tips for 3rd Graders

Read Daily

As you get older, you have to read for a lot of your homework assignments. You'll have a better chance of doing well on your homework if you improve your reading skills by practicing every day. As you become a better reader, your comprehension (understanding of the text) will improve, and that will help you do better on your homework assignments. To get the most out of your daily reading practice, try to find books about a subject that you're interested in. Make sure they're challenging enough to improve your reading skills, but not so challenging that you get frustrated.

Participate in Class

Many students don't realize it, but participating in class will also help you perform better on your homework assignments. Students often struggle to do their work at home because they didn't pay attention in class. Don't let this be you. Do your best to ask and answer questions in class and stay focused on the lesson. When you do this, you'll usually find that doing your homework is easier.

Get Organized

A lot of students have a hard time completing their homework because they're not organized. They end up losing their assignments or forgetting to do them. You can avoid these problems by doing some simple things to get organized. First, get a folder for each subject and label them (reading, math, science and so on). Then, make sure you put your homework in the correct folder.

It may also help to come up with a schedule to complete your homework each day. Set a specific time and make sure you do the work at that time each day. You can ask a parent or older sibling to help you stick to your schedule.

Ask Questions

Students also struggle on their homework assignments because they don't ask questions. Whether you're in class listening to the teacher or doing your work at home, ask for help when you don't understand how to do something. Your parents and teachers want to see you succeed, and they would rather take a few minutes to help you than see you struggle.

Use the Internet

Finally, you can also use the Internet to get help with your homework. There are many websites that provide lessons on the material you learn in 3rd grade. You can also find online tutor services, as well as practice assignments and interactive games that help you learn while having fun. Just be sure to have an adult check the websites you're using to make sure they're safe and high quality.

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Huntington Learning

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Kaplan Kids

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Sylvan Learning

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Tutor Doctor

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  • Develops personlized programs by working with your child's existing homework

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  • Online tutoring
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  • Using the virtual whiteboard workspace to share problems, solutions and explanations

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