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General knowledge picture quiz questions and answers

general knowledge picture quiz questions and answers

free general knowledge quiz questions and answers - for pub quizzes, pub games, team games, learning and fun

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quizballs 59 - Big Al's Big Quizballs - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

This quiz is contributed by Big Al - thank you Al.

  1. Which singer joined Mel Gibson in the movie Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome? TINA TURNER
  2. Vodka, Galliano and orange juice are used to make which classic cocktail? HARVEY WALLBANGER
  3. Which American state is nearest to the former Soviet Union? ALASKA
  4. In which year did Foinavon win the Grand National? 1967
  5. At which battle of 1314 did Robert The Bruce defeat the English forces? BANNOCKBURN
  6. Consecrated in 1962, where is the Cathedral Church of St Michael? COVENTRY
  7. On TV, who did the character Lurch work for? ADDAMS FAMILY
  8. Which children's classic book was written by Anna Sewell? BLACK BEAUTY
  9. How many arms/tentacles/limbs does a squid have? TEN (there are varying definitions of tentacles/arms for squids - generally a squid is considered to have two tentacles and eight arms - whatever, there are ten of them in total)
  10. Which reggae singing star died 11th May 1981? BOB MARLEY
  11. Characters Charlie Allnut and Rosie Sayer appeared in which classic 1951 movie? THE AFRICAN QUEEN (Humphrey Bogart & Katherine Hepburn)
  12. What is converted into alcohol during brewing? SUGAR
  13. Which river forms the eastern section of the border between England and Scotland? TWEED
  14. Which Briton won an ice-skating Gold at the Lake Placid Olympics? ROBIN COUSINS
  15. In what year was Prince Andrew born? 1960 (19th February)
  16. What is the national game of the Basques? PELOTA (a form of tennis using racket or hand with a net or against a wall)
  17. TV commercials for Campari launched the career of which actress? LORRAINE CHASE
  18. Name the two families in Romeo and Juliet? MONTAGUE & CAPULET
  19. If cats are feline, what are sheep? OVINE
  20. In the song, Heartbreak Hotel is on which street? LONELY STREET
  21. For his part in which 1953 film did Frank Sinatra receive a Best Supporting Actor Oscar? FROM HERE TO ETERNITY
  22. For which fruit is the US state of Georgia famous? PEACH
  23. Which is the financial centre and main city of Switzerland? ZURICH
  24. Who is the only man (at 2009) to have won motorbike and F1 car World Championships? JOHN SURTEES
  25. In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968? MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE
  26. In which county is the UK prime minister's official country residence Chequers? BUCKINGHAMSHIRE
  27. Who created the UK TV spoof 007 character Basildon Bond? RUSS ABBOTT
  28. What is the policeman's name in Noddy stories? PC PLOD
  29. What is the word used to describe an animal/plant that is both male and female? HERMAPHRODITE
  30. Which TV programme's theme tune was called Hit and Miss? JUKE BOX JURY
  31. In the 1963 film The Great Escape, what names were given to the three tunnels? TOM, DICK, HARRY
  32. What liqueur bearing the letters D.O.M. on the bottle label was developed at Fecamp, France, in the 16th century? BENEDICTINE (DOM = Deo Optimo Maximo = To God, most good, most great.)
  33. What is the third major Balearic Island with Majorca and Minorca? IBIZA
  34. Who won six consecutive Wimbledon singles titles in the 1980s? MARTINA NAVRATILOVA (1982-87, also 1978, 79, 90)
  35. In which country did the Mau Mau uprising (1952-60) occur? KENYA
  36. What does a numismatist study or collect? COINS (and/or Medals)
  37. Who was Radio 1's first female DJ? ANNE NIGHTINGALE
  38. Who captained Jules Verne's submarine Nautilus? CAPTAIN NEMO
  39. The llama belongs to the family of animals commonly called what? CAMELS
  40. Which guitarist is known as Slowhand? ERIC CLAPTON
  41. In which 1979 film was the spaceship called Nostromo? ALIEN
  42. What have been cooked in syrup and glazed to make the sweetmeat Marrons Glaces? SWEET CHESTNUTS
  43. The Shatt-el-Arab (River of Arabia) is the confluence of which two other rivers? TIGRIS and EUPHRATES
  44. The Sheffield Shield is competed for in which sport? CRICKET (Australia)
  45. At which town did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp? SKEGNESS (1936)
  46. In knitting, what is meant by the initials 'psso'? PASS SLIPPED STITCH OVER
  47. In UK TV's 'Noel Edmund's House Party', the 'house' was situated near to which village? CRINKLEY BOTTOM
  48. Also the title of a famous literary work, who were Mrs Page and Mrs Ford? MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR
  49. What is infant whale commonly called? CALF
  50. Which DJ had a UK Top Ten hit with the song Snot Rap? KENNY EVERETT
  51. In which film did Roger Moore first play James Bond? LIVE AND LET DIE (1973)
  52. How many gallons of beer are in a firkin? NINE
  53. What in Cornwall is the most southerly point of mainland Britain? LIZARD POINT
  54. Alan Minter was undisputed World boxing champion at which weight? MIDDLEWEIGHT
  55. Which 17th century explorer was buried with a pipe and a box of tobacco? SIR WALTER RALEIGH
  56. Which Latin term, usually applied to legal evidence, means 'at first sight'? PRIMA FACIE
  57. What was the character name of TV's 'The Saint'? SIMON TEMPLAR
  58. In literature, who was the best known pupil of Greyfriar's School? BILLY BUNTER
  59. What is the alternative common name for a Black Leopard? PANTHER
  60. Who composed the music entitled Wedding March? FELIX MENDELSSHON (in many parts of the world Richard Wagner's 'Bridal Chorus' ['Here comes the Bride..'] is commonly played with Mendelsshon's Wedding March, and is loosely called a/the wedding march, and so lenient quizmasters may accept Wagner as correct too, although the music entitled 'Wedding March' is by Mendelsshon - Note also that other compositions may also be loosely called 'a wedding march', hence for strict adjudication the Mendelsshon answer is technically the only correct one)
  61. Which actor appeared in Papillion and The Great Escape and died in 1980? STEVE MCQUEEN
  62. What do the British call the vegetables that Americans call zucchini? COURGETTES
  63. In which bay is Alcatraz? SAN FRANCISCO BAY
  64. What is the most northerly cricket ground at which a Test Match can (as at 2009) be played? RIVERSIDE (CHESTER-LE-STREET, DURHAM)
  65. Which British general was killed at Khartoum? CHARLES GORDON
  66. Which Cornish village claims to be the birthplace of King Arthur? TINTAGEL
  67. KAR120C was the registration of a yellow Lotus 7, in which 1960s cult UK TV series? THE PRISONER
  68. In which Dickens novel was Miss Havisham jilted on her wedding day? GREAT EXPECTATIONS
  69. What is an otter's home called? HOLT
  70. Who had a 1985 hit with Saving All My Love For You? WHITNEY HOUSTON
  71. Which actor appeared to have a wooden leg in the 1956 film Moby Dick? GREGORY PECK (Captain Ahab)
  72. How have vegetables been cut which are served Julienne? THIN STRIPS (or shreds or sliced lengthways)
  73. Which mountain overlooks Rio De Janeiro and its harbour? SUGAR LOAF
  74. Who was the first black player to captain England's soccer team? PAUL INCE
  75. In Roman mythology, Neptune is the equivalent to which Greek god? POSEIDON
  76. What is the only English language single word anagram of the word crouton? CONTOUR
  77. Which TV character said, 'Live long and prosper'? MR SPOCK (Star Trek)
  78. Which playwright wrote The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, and The Cherry Orchard? ANTON CHEKOV
  79. What is the other name for Wildebeest? GNU
  80. Who had a 1960s hit with Let's Go To San Francisco? FLOWERPOT MEN
  81. What make of car was the time-machine in the film Back To The Future? DE LOREAN
  82. What is the name given to a locked case in which decanters can be seen but not used? TANTALUS
  83. In which State would you find the city of Birmingham? ALABAMA (or MICHIGAN, which has a smaller city of that name)
  84. Complete the name of the American Football team: 'Washington ...........'? REDSKINS
  85. In which war was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought? AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE
  86. How old is a horse when it changes from a filly to a mare? FOUR YEARS
  87. Which school featured in UK TV's 'Please Sir'? FENN STREET
  88. Robin Hood & Friar Tuck appear in which well-known novel, by Sir Walter Scott? IVANHOE
  89. What is Canada's national animal? BEAVER
  90. Which is the smallest member of the flute family? PICCOLO
  91. Which Bond villain has been played by Telly Savalas, Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray, and Max Von Sydow? BLOFELD (ERNST STAVRO)
  92. 'Mace is one of the spices obtained from the tree Myristica Fragrams - what is the other? NUTMEG
  93. Which hills divide England from Scotland? CHEVIOTS
  94. What is the colour of the bull of an archery target? GOLD
  95. Who was the female member of the SDP's 'Gang Of Four'? SHIRLEY WILLIAMS (SDP = Social Democratic Party)
  96. UNHCR is the United Nation's High Commission for what? REFUGEES
  97. Who hosted UK TV's 'Family Fortunes' after Bob Monkhouse and before Les Dennis? MAX BYGRAVES
  98. Which Dickens' character was always 'expecting something to turn up'? MR MICAWBER (David Copperfield)
  99. A palmiped's feet are more commonly called what? WEBBED
  100. Which musical featured the song They Called The Wind Mariah? PAINT YOUR WAGON

This quiz is contributed by a quiz compiler Big Al - thank you Al.

If you have corrections please contact quizballs.

By way of appreciation for this contribution Big Al seeks and offers materials for quizzes, especially for picture rounds.

Big Al can be contacted via: [email protected]

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