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Government help for small business startup in india

government help for small business startup in india Startup India Services. Startup. Request For Startup India Logo;. Letter of funding by Government of India or any State Government as part of any specified. schemes to small business owners. These schemes help the. Government Loan Schemes For Small Business In. Government of India provides. New business startup To set up a. The government of India has made several administrative changes to help setting. The Government of India has.

government help for small business startup in india

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The objectives of the Industrial development bank of India are to create a principal institution for long term finance, to coordinate the institutions working in this field for planned development of industrial sector, to provide technical and administrative support to the industries and to conduct research and development activities for the benefit of industrial sector. On the State level finance is available loans can be availed from: 1. This board would assess the innovative nature of the business to grant the exemptions. A detailed note on the eligibility criteria for startups. In order to provided provisions that are in sync with the current trend of startups wherein technology is primarily used and computer software and hardware for the core asset base owing to the nature of the business activity, section 54GB is proposed to be amended so that the expression “new asset” includes computers or computer software in case of technology driven start-ups so certified by the Inter-Ministerial Board of Certification .

Other Incentives

Other incentives include a new scheme for intellectual property rights protection and faster registration of patents. The government also intends to set up facilitation centres for the provision of free legal advice and other support to small business to help them with compliance requirements. Procurement norms are also proposed to be relaxed in order to ensure that startups are able to participate and compete with established businesses. Policies to enable women entrepreneurs, sector specific incubators and the establishment of bio clusters for the biotech sector are some of the other highlights.

The first step is to submit a detailed project report (business plan)to the financial institution to IDBI, IFCI or any other financial institution from where the loan sanction is sought. In case a license is a requirement for the project, the license should be provided with the project report. 2. The financial institution after scrutinizing the project report. If the financial institution requires additional information or clarifications, they usually ask for this in a few days of receipt of project report. While the government, no doubt is trying to bring out reforms to make things easier for foreign investors, the attitude of some officials is difficult to change. Those who encounter problems should use the several channels available now to report clerks use delaying tactics for personal gain. Returning NRIs who can tolerate the initial adjustment setbacks in establishing themselves when they return to India will ultimately find the rewards well worth the effort.


  1. Qewegijuyaz

    STPI is playing a key role in India"s IT exports also promoting IT industry in small towns.

  2. Dukuloyiyote

    In India its hard to bring price down even if cost is reduced. Small business shop owners wl hv to go through big pain coz of GST new rate

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