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High school game of thrones

high school game of thrones Like Dany being a new student with a love of Dragons… and more worrying, a love of fire. Stannis and his obsession with Religion. Rob and Theon’s (who is just as popular in this as he is in the real show) bromance which can only end in betrayal. I’m still waiting for Tyrion to unleash some of his patented wise cracking but the addition of ‘Vice Principal Baelish’ as a Sex-Ed teacher actually made me laugh out loud (which was helped by the fact that he looks surprisingly like Littlefinger actor, Aidan Gillen). “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse… I mean School bus”

Overall, I’d say that a lot of effort has gone into making the show as enjoyable as it is (and filling them with as many GOT references as possible, the opening sequence alone is pretty amazing) and whilst there are a few weaker moments in the episodes, I think this series has a lot of potential.

high school game of thrones  Game of Thrones : the high school version - EW.com

high school game of thrones


  1. Nuxelenividu

    Only now playing the Game of Thrones because school

  2. Zofoxogocuf

    Only 2 more important days of school, but all I want to do is watch game of thrones

  3. Yesovofiyatoz

    And here"s Ken winning the audience voted F1000 Speaker Prize at Winter School in 2015 with his famous Game of Thrones talk.

  4. Zeqohadasu

    What We Know So Far About Those Five "Game of Thrones" Spinoffs - Film School Rejects

  5. Qefezafecudoxo

    The kids in school who used to tell you what they ate for dinner grew up, joined twitter started posting game of thrones spoilers.

  6. Goxukerexekuk

    All the dead characters of Game of Thrones are people who he hated in High School

  7. Fuzobuq

    Very foreboding music ahead of Bethlehem school board meeting. Vote results expected tonight. Hopefully no Game of Thrones-style plots afoot

  8. Jiheyor

    High school is like Game of Thrones: full of terrors and ending next year.

  9. Mekohisezoxu

    So almost every lgbt+ YouTube video is restricted on my school computer, but a scene from game of thrones isn"t?

  10. Dozahunuzunuh

    1. Scrap free school meals despite many reports THIS IS THE ONLY MEAL SOME KIDS gets!

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