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Homework is absolutely necessary essay

Many teachers assign homework to students everyday. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Doing homework everyday is boring. How does daily homework provide advantages to students? Do students need to have daily homework? I believe that daily homework is a useful tool to help students review their material, improve their skills and make them have responsibility. Therefore, daily homework is necessary for students.

Doing homework is a good way for students to go over their materials. They can also assess themselves on how much they understand lessons by doing homework. If they do not understand any particular topic, they can search for more information or discuss it with friends or teacher in order to understand it. Moreover, if they do not review lessons soon after they have learnt, they will easily forget the lessons. Therefore teachers give homework to students to make sure that their students review the lessons.

Daily homework is the best way to make students practice. To become a skillful person in some areas, students need to practice and practice. For example, solving AN equation in mathematics, students should practice many equations to improve their ability IN solving them. The more students practice, the more skill they develop. Therefore daily homework in mathematics is required because teachers need students to practice them.

Submitting homework on time can reflect studentsÂ’ responsibility. Daily homework can be a tool to pave the way for students to learn responsibility and preparing them to become responsible adults. Besides, they will learn the processes OF prioritizING their tasks so as to have their homework finished in time.

In conclusion, thanks to these three principal reasons mentioned above, daily homework is important for students. Teachers should give students daily homework to make their students review lessons, improve skills and learn responsibility.
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