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How to ask questions in mathworks

It is not at all practical to get clear estimates of the number of people who read the Newsgroup -- Newsgroups are inherently distributed systems and the message transfer software involved is not designed for collecting statistics on end use.

The best one can do in practice on Newsgroups is to count the number of authors during a time period.

The Answers forum could in theory track the number of different logged-in users who read each message. Tracking the number of different people who do not log to do the reading is more difficult. Whatever statistics Mathworks has collected have not been made public.

With Answers, it is possible for users to track the number of registered users (though possibly that is MATLAB Central registered users rather than Answers- specific.) It is also possible (but no tools provided) to track the number of users who have posted questions or answers (the counts for comments are not shown.)

There is a "Trendy" plot for the number of Answers Questions. I estimate it is running about 2500 per month, about 85 per day. That includes all Answers and Comments.


  1. Gucotemo

    As for how Lex created Doomsday, that would suggest he must have asked some interesting questions of the Kryptonian ship that we don"t know.

  2. Limogavupa

    I have some unanswered questions. And I want to know how their lives turned out.

  3. Bucorumayaro

    If you now how to make plantains real good dm me right quick i got some questions

  4. Jeqemowa

    2 questions: Is unblockable no longer a keyword? And how do You can"t lose the game and opponent win the game cards?

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