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How to write a research justification

Justification for Research - Research Integrity

We help progressive organisations move from expensive, reactive, recruitment to proactive, cost-effective resourcing strategies, saving businesses time and money. Our unique approach results in reduced cost and time to hire, and provides invaluable insight.

Write Research transforms your talent acquisition strategy, helping to break the costly cycle of reactive recruiting. We help clients make better informed people decisions, based on insight, to deliver sustainable success.


  1. Kubofoheke

    Then why did he write the justification?

  2. Vudivose

    I"m not saying that justification is necessarily correct, but I don"t think it"s valid to write it off as some inexplicable wrongheadedness.

  3. Giyokif

    So why did he agree to write it? Why not just write a post mortem or provide details to explain the justification after the fact

  4. Sakenaxuliruyu

    In case you need justification for being a playah:

  5. Tobenonun

    A bright sunrise firing up. Great day to sit outside. Sketch, write or perhaps a little walk? Justification? None. Explanation? None owed!

  6. Mamubinibexud

    I didnt write yesterday or today but: -I found my method in an academic book ( i just gotta think of a justification? ) -i found stuff to

  7. Nedobarak

    Ooh extra good because I want to write about just that topic for the next novel after this. Justification!

  8. Ruliqahewugoj

    He was made to write this. Though justification of that statement may be amusing

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