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How to write good morning in bosnian

how to write good morning in bosnian

Bosnia's star city, Mostar - The Washington Post

how to write good morning in bosnian how to write good morning in japanese - Drawing by... | DrawingNow


  1. Qewufetitew

    I learned the Bosnian Cyrillic just so that me and my friend could write those note thingies in class

  2. Doxefodo

    Well I knew Bosnian first I Had to learn eng. In school, i just never really knew how to write Bosnian. That the only problem I have. But+

  3. Likobivepecaci

    Anytime I write in Bosnian I hope I don"t say something completely wrong lol. That"s good I wouldn"t imagine you doing anything less

  4. Buzahigo

    Write down if you want the translation to be in swiss-german, bosnian or both lol

  5. Toqohukuburemu

    Had to write a few papers at my University on the reasons for the Bosnian genocide, tragic, must be brought up more to the general public.

  6. Zopimecezej

    I stg I write a paragraph every time I respond on text but then I delete it and say nothing of what the paragraph consisted of.

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