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How to write iphone apps on windows 7



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Дата загрузки: 18 окт. 2010 г.

UPDATED Download link: http://developer.openplug.com/release...
Special thanks to JailRUS for locating the directory!
For all having issues with 4.5, please watch my update video!

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to develop iOS applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, using the OpenPlug Flex Cross Compiler.

If you wish to sign and sell your applications on the app store you need to purchase an Apple Developer License for .

Please direct any questions about OpenPlug to their forum if your question goes unanswered in the comments below.

Please note jailbreaking methods may vary depending on your device and the firmware you are running on.

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how to write iphone apps on windows 7

how to write iphone apps on windows 7 7 Apps For Writing On Your iPhone - Lifehack - Tips for Life


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