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How to write tulsi in chinese


  1. Fosanolelucuzo

    Well done Mr Hendry didnt know you could write chinese

  2. Zoweresegajejo

    Box office trackers are American - bo MOJO, hindi - Boi, telugu - Andra . Dangal gross 2000cr was not confirmed by Forbes, Forbes only write article on dangal, its confirmed by Chinese bo tracker - piaofang and bo mojo ( American ) . You can"t add pre business to bo collection done.

  3. Xocilotimim

    For anyone who saw that last tweet I meant to write Yay my car isn"t stuck in the snow anymore not suck. Also I"m a happy Teresa, I got chinese food finally.

  4. Zekicogeruse

    They laugh because they think they’re superior lol I’d like to see them write in Chinese and Korean then. Let’s see who’s really illiterate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Toxezudod

    You got it, Slinky. The Paks are gonna write off 15% of their total exports $billions annually in trade surplus too. Oh wait-or-maybe, just maybe, it"ll be in there interest, to do some leg work to control the terror garbage, keep the aid pursue the Chinese anyway.

  6. Nekisijesorusa

    Btw, how do we write Chanmi in Chinese? Help a friend out

  7. Nomuliwif

    Chinese government is using artificial intelligence to help revise/write legislation sl=zh-CN tl=en u=http%3A%2F%2Fm.opinion.caixin.com%2Fm%2F2018-01-05%2F101194091.html%3Ffrom%3Dgroupmessage%26isappinstalled%3D0

  8. Rayuninam

    Computer at work has now decided to start translating everything I write into Chinese

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