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Hult international business school professors

hult international business school professors


1355 Sansome St
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 869-2900

Great school, excellent professors and very smart and motivated colleagues. All round a very positive experience.

What a great experience. During my studies at Hult, I have met a lot of new people from all around the world, got to know new cultures, but most importantly, gained a valuable business knowledge. Hult IBS is an excellent school for someone who wants to get a business degree and broaden the horizons. I was enrolled in the MIB program, which was rather intense, but certainly doable. The year I spent at Hult San Francisco was definitely one of the best years of my life!

I am close to complete my Master of International Marketing and, in general terms, I am very satisfied. The majority of people at Hult really care about the school and the values/mission the organization stands for. The international student body is impressive and completely unique, offering students an unparalleled diversity and invaluable cultural richness (more than 140 nationalities, seriously!). I could not think of a better school that provides me with such international mindset to access to a truly global career. Best things about Hult: - International Exposure: in addition to the student body, Hult has campuses in some of the main economic capitals of the world, which is an excellent opportunity to acquire a truly global vision of the world and business - Rotation: 3 different cities in one year? There is no competition on this subject - Professors: Brilliant, brilliant minds within their competences - Education after graduation: Students have the chance to continue their education after graduation by taking electives at no charge. The best part? It is a lifelong perk! - Innovation: Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of Hult's DNA, which is noticeable as soon as you step inside the school - Hands-on: The most practical education you could ever imagine, which is indispensable to thrive in today's competitive business landscape Areas in which Hult is greatly improving: - Alumni network: Hult is aware of the importance of a strong alumni network and is actively working on it, having made significant developments this year. The clearest example is Hult Connect, an outstanding platform intended to connect students with alumni. Important further improvements will be made in the upcoming months. - Corporate relations: Hult is relatively new in SF and building strong corporate relationships with companies is a low and long-term process. However, Hult is doing extremely well and has hosted companies such as Google, PwC or Amazon on campus this year. I believe there is still a long way ahead to advance but Hult is working in the right direction! Overall, Hult is a great place to further your education, especially if you are interested in developing a truly global career, like myself. The school teaches outside of the regular theories and all the learning is always updated and effectively upgraded based on today's business. Rate: 4,5 out of 5.

Because of the Hult community of students, faculty and staff, as well as the compelling delivery of the curriculum, I have greatly developed both professionally and personally. Put simply, if you are looking for traditional business school training do not come to Hult. Come to Hult if you are looking for training that makes you stand out from peers at other schools. You will, of course, receive the foundational business learnings, but also other more well-rounded attributes to go with it. If you invest in your time at Hult and all it has to offer you will be very competitive in the job market post-graduation. What are some of the things that I value about Hult? The insanely diverse student community is one of the best assets this school offers. Everyday at Hult you see why and how diversity is so important. The dynamics of learning in such an environment are far richer than the much more homogenous experiences found elsewhere. The professors are also a huge part of the Hult value add. Being smart and accomplished is one thing -- being a good teacher or professor is another. At Hult I have found that for the most part (no school is perfect, right?) my professors to be both. They have also been eager to mentor us as we embark on launching our own startups or dive into the job market. This also includes being willing to introduce us to their professional networks, which I have found immensely valuable. Overall, I am very happy to have made the investment that is a master's degree at Hult.

I work here on a part-time at need basis for the Registrar/Admissions team. I really enjoy the friendly staff and the culture at Hult Intl School. Also it is nice to meet the professors and the students.

Hult is an amazing business school, you will definitely learn alot and meet many amazing classmates and professors. Really good ranking too.

First and foremost. I think its bizarre to put a review of a graduate program on Yelp. If you are here getting reviews on a graduate program, maybe try again. But, there are some negative reviews that I don't believe are warranted, so here you go. I just finished my MBA and was very satisfied. The people at Hult really care about the school and believe it its mission. I loved how many international students there were, great perspectives from around the world. Great access to a global network! It was a one-year program, which is why I chose it. It was a very busy and demanding year, but I'm happy. I learned a lot. I can't speak to alumni outreach, as I just finished, but I think its probably pretty standard for US schools. I see some of the negative reviews on here are from MIBs meaning they were too young to get into the MBA class so I am taking their reviews with a grain of salt, as I do with almost everything said by a 23 year old. Perhaps some millennial angst that needs to be worked out. Hult is fully accredited in the United States and has some prestigious international accreditations, so I'm not sure what Lylyna H. is talking about. As for Shengyi S., most of the teachers are part-time because they are either teaching at UC Berkeley, which was GREAT for us, or because they were full-time business people, which was the other main reason I came to Hult. A business school taught by actual business people. As for the acceptance rate, I can't say what it is, but I loved how quick and easy the application and acceptance process was. It was a last minute decision for me and am happy it worked out! So far, I have had a few interviews and they have known about Hult and were impressed with the International aspect.

This school is a complete joke. Most of the professors are incredibly talented, but against what they want you to think this school has no standards. - One MBA students in my class never even graduated with his BA. - The career services are completlely non exisitent and no one cares that you earned an MBA from Hult. - Best of all the alumni network. They boast how incresible it is and I got one mentor that talked to me twice and never anything again. - I now how a massive loan to a school with no interrigty and a degree from a school that no cares about. Here is how they treat their alumni. They take your money and seriously don't care what happens afterward. I have not even been contacted after graduating except to get my pay and job title. I have a senior role positoin in a company that I would love to hire Hult alimnni, but after how they treated me and the bold lies in the marketing to attract students I will actually do the opposite and steak out against the school. If you would like more information please contact me at hultmbaalumni2015gmail.com

Yesterday I attended the MarketingCamp UnConference hosted here at Hult International Business School. We were greeted by the Dean, which gave us a overview of the school. He mentioned that it's one of the top 100 business schools worldwide with only 15% Americans and the other student body made of international folks. And the official language at the school is English with an accent, in case you were wondering. As I arrived to the school, I noticed the modern feeling of the decor that reminds me of Swedish design. The rooms didn't feel like classrooms either, which I think it's smart. The bigger classrooms have nice white table-desks. And between every two seats a pair of electrical outlets makes it convenient for all students to plug in their laptops. The overall feeling you get when you come here is that the school teaches outside of the regular textbook theories. That what you learn will always be up-to-date and fresh.

I've just finished my MBA program at Hult and the Hult experience for me was really great and mind changing. Pros: - I hade opportunity to discuss business and share experience with people across the world (just in SF campus we had people from 90 different countries). - They also provide the opportunity to rotate among campus throughout the world enhancing your learning experience. - We had great professors and most of them were from big universities or had a exceptional career path. - They worked really hard to improve our soft-skills and in the end of the program everybody could realized how much we improved. And we improved a lot! - Hult have an entrepreneur challenge during the year with amazing coaches. Moreover, Hult changes the student view over stating your own company. - the staff is amazing, they make everything that they can help to support you during the program. - the students have to work really hard. The program is supper demanding and it forces the students to learn how to work in teams. - Hult has a triad experience that enables you to work with two more people teaching the coaching process. This helped us set up personal improvement goals and your colleagues help you to reach them. - All the elective classes that I have taken were amazing, great professors, materials are placed to an international context and super updated. Points of improvement. - Hult should improve the alumni network. Not that it is terrible but could be a bit better. - The career services could be a bit more hands on. Hult could give a bit more support for the students. I am leaving Hult a different and better professional than when I arrived at the front desk one year ago. Hult changes the way that we see business and the way that we interact with the business environment. Overall it was a great experience and the right decision.

Really fun place to study and meet a lot of people especially from more than 130 countries. Upside: Great Teachers, fun staff and good interactive way of teaching. Downside: Alumni support is very low and is considered one of the worst among other Business Schools in the country. Note: Career services need to improve as graduated students; especially in the Masters Program need high support

This is a really bad school. It's just awful. It's basically a visa school for out of country people trying to get an MBA than means nothing in this country. Probably a nice place to have a latte and do "pretend work" to avoid REAL work but nothing more.

Waste of money and time for a degree that worth nothing. It's not accredited school in the U.S. and it's treatment towards alumni is even worst like once you graduated don't ever come and ask for help but don't forget to write a good review about the school as it needs to submit for Ranking.


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