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Interview questions and answers for teacher applicants

interview questions and answers for teacher applicants "

Bridget Braney asks the same question, because "it reveals a candidate's vision of what education should be as well as their vision of the educator they would like to be. If they are relaxed enough, they can give us a good picture of their teaching style and professional knowledge."

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Thanks for these questions go to principals Lucie Boyadjian, Larry Davis, Deborah Harbin, Marguerite McNeely, and Jean Williams.

--Why did you choose teaching as a career?
-- If you were not a teacher, what would you be?
-- How will you ensure that your classroom is an exciting place -- a place where students always are engaged?
-- We are working hard to turn out school into a "learning community." What special skills, talents, or knowledge will you bring to this community?
-- Explain what professionalism means to you within the school climate and outside of school.
-- A student in your class consistently causes disruptions. Explain the steps you take and your reasoning for each step.
-- At what are you a "6" at now, but wish to be a "10"?
-- How would you incorporate individual differences into instruction in your classroom?
-- What strategies would you use to help prepare students for high-stakes tests in the eighth grade?
-- How would you use standardized test data to improve classroom instruction?
-- In what ways do you involve parents in the learning process or in your classroom activities?
-- What is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?
-- What would you never want to do as a teacher, and why?
-- What will you do to ensure that we enhance our goal of being an effective learning-focused school -- not just a teaching-focused school?
-- What are your expectations for your principal?

Other principals are just as interested in a candidate's approach to classroom management:

What is your approach to classroom management and student discipline?

"We firmly believe that teachers get the classroom behaviors they teach to their students," said principal Patricia Green. "I'm looking for a person who has a clear plan for his or her classroom management and who can articulate that plan. I'm also looking for an answer that will reflect some developmentally appropriate understanding of the students who are being taught.


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