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Paragraph studying abroad

One of the problems of communicating with people who speak different languages is there are many words that have same meanings or similar meanings, or even a word has several meanings that depends on disciplines. “For example, the terms “stress” and “strain”-- causes particular problems owing to the confusion of meaning between uses in the engineering and medical professions” (Seedhom et al.). They talk about how difficult to communicate with foreign people using words that are terminology and the words have different meanings in different subjects. They explain logic of words. Consequently, we are often confused about the questions in exams, and it takes us longer time than local students.

Secondly, it is difficult for international students to get used to the culture. In the first few months, we experience many culture shocks, but eventually, we get used to it.

paragraph studying abroad

paragraph studying abroad


  1. Yeficohod

    I wish I went abroad so I could write a paragraph on FB about how I"m abroad

  2. Wecacohaliboq

    Starting the Witches Abroad audiobook, and the opening paragraph about ignorance being more interesting is so relevenat it hurts.

  3. Riqocefedi

    If you go abroad your body count freezes as you"re in international waters - universal statutes and legislations section 12 paragraph 4

  4. Qosifevexo

    I say this because I have to write for my study abroad program and I accidentally wrote the first paragraph in the wrong language.

  5. Coyuhuso

    Read paragraph with header: "Canadians seek treatment abroad"

  6. Devoxin

    My friend is studying abroad in Germany. This amazing paragraph describing basketball comes from the local ball club"s website

  7. Waliyuzi

    Trump will start crazy wars. On his own people and abroad. And on us all already, he had the climate paragraph removed

  8. Dijenurey

    Read more than one paragraph Donna. Abroad people seeking asylum contact the UN who then hand them over to our State Dept

  9. Zuyejoti

    Today at the exam he wanted a paragraph about traveling abroad i mentioned in 2 lines

  10. Kemafonazosizo

    I swear only white families send each other Xmas cards with a 6 paragraph letter saying how much Becky enjoyed studying abroad in Ecuador

  11. Megawijiyuco

    Trump is laughing stock of world and incapable of speaking a full paragraph that makes sense! How could that bloated orangutan travel abroad

  12. Zetexogeti

    Read this paragraph and bask in his fucked up youth soccer is in America. More kids need to deny youth system and go abroad.

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