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Resume in word 2007

resume in word 2007

We’ve replaced wizards with templates. The templates give you more options to customize your resume in ways that help your job search.

  1. Start Word. Or if Word is already open, click File > New.

  2. Click Resume in the Suggested searches list, or type resume in the Search for online templates box and press Enter.

Search box and suggested searches

Word displays a set of resume templates.

  1. For resumes in a specific style or for a specific industry, click a category.

Resume template categories

  1. Click a template’s picture to see what it will look like.

  2. Click Create.

  3. To write your resume, select the template’s placeholder text and type your career story.


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    When you"ve edited about 75 Word doc pages in the last 24 hours and there"s no end in sight

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