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Resume templates lecturer job

resume templates lecturer job

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Fresher lecturers are those who have just stepped into teaching profession or have a few years of experience. Since they are relatively new to the profession, they have to work under supervision of senior lecturers. They may also have to execute orders provided by other lecturers. However, classroom and other clerical duties will be the same for the same. Like other lecturers, they have to plan and familiarize themselves with the topic they are going to teach. They have to take attendance and provide lecture to students in the subject they hold qualifications. Further, preparing tests, serving as a proctor during the examination, discussing educational matters with the seniors, and holding regular meetings with students are the daily duties entailed in the job.

Sample Fresher Lecturer Resume

Clyde I. Lawson
3013 Heron Way
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503-858-6850
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Looking for a fresher lecturer job with “City College,” to teach business administration and marketing to students using my qualification and teaching experience.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent understanding of business administration and marketing
  • Complete knowledge of the current business trends and procedures
  • Familiarity with the concept of teaching and working with youngsters
  • Skilled in delivering lectures in classroom to a large number of students
  • Ability to solve problems of students and provide them guidance and study resources
  • Ability to assist senior lecturers and contribute in modifying college curriculum

Work Experience:

Fresher Lecturer
St. Xavier's College, Portland, OR
October 2014 - Present

  • Giving lectures to students on business administration and marketing
  • Using visual aids and other electronic devices in teaching and giving instructions
  • Contacting companies and requesting them for a tour of the plant
  • Inviting companies for holding campus interview and recruiting students
  • Assisting senior lecturers in modifying college curriculum and policies
Fresher Lecturer
Top College, Portland, OR
February 2013 - Separation 2014
  • Taught several business management subjects and assigned projects
  • Conducted group discussions and helped students in passing interviews
  • Visited a few companies along with companies to acquaint them with real-life work environment
  • Ordered stationery supplies necessary for teaching and clerical duties
  • Assisted students in preparing cover letters and resumes for interviews


  • Master Degree in Education
    Major: Business Management
    ABC University, Portland, OR


On request.

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