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Rtu college courses

rtu college courses

Courses Offered | Rajasthan Technical University

University Technological Rizal Wikipedia -


Committed to provide liberal education to all who aspire to sharpen their skills and abilities , and to instill in them self-discipline, and make them productive within and outside their community.


An advocate of an education nurturing the intellectual maturity and moral integrity of a total person to enable him face the obligations and challenges of a rapidly changing society.


  1. Cultivate an environment where discipline , integrity, mutual respect and honesty prevail above all;
  2. Heighten appreciation for the sciences and stress its importance in shaping the world of tomorrow;
  3. Uplift the aesthetic,cultural and literary tastes through exposure to the fields of Arts and Letters;
  4. Develop basic skills of comprehension, communication and critical thinking geared towards illustrating the interrelationships between and extension programs; and
  5. Proclaim and affirm the ideals of a free society while preserving the fundamentals of rights of human being.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Major in Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

For inquiries please call:
College of Arts and Sciences
Telephone No. 534-8267 Local 149

rtu college courses


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