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Student resume generator

student resume generator

How to Write a Student Resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It may seem even harder for students, who often have very limited work experience. So how do you write a resume that gets noticed, despite your lack of work history? Whether you're in high school or ready to graduate from college, here are some tips to keep your student resume from being overlooked.

Show Off Your Top Skills

Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't have a lot to offer. What you lack in direct job experience, you may possess through life experience or volunteer work. Be sure to list any accomplishments you feel may stand out to potential employers. Such things may include student jobs, volunteer experiences, summer work, or even extra work you've taken on for family or teachers.

You can also add fraternities, sports, or club experiences. These activities show employers that you can work as part of a team, have leadership skills, and can interact with others.

Brag a Bit

It's okay to brag a bit on your resume. You want to avoid common mistakes like coming across as smug when you write a student resume, but do list any awards or achievements you may have. 

For example, do list your GPA if it's above a 3.0. As a student or recent graduate, this is a perfect way to show your dedication and ability to succeed. You can even add a section to your resume for special accolades. These extras can go under the heading of "Honors and Awards" or "Achievements." 

You can include promotions or added duties given by your supervisor, ways in which you improved a work related issue, or even a raise you were given. These kinds of things can truly stand out on a resume with limited work experience.

Be Prepared

You don't want to list references on your actual student resume, but it's important that you are able to provide at least three positive referrals. Be sure to talk to previous employers, instructors, coaches, or community leaders in advance before listing them as a reference. You don't want them to be taken off guard when a potential employer calls to ask about you. Plus, it's common courtesy to ask permission before providing names and contact information. 

Another aspect of preparation is making sure that your resume is polished and spotless . Have a trusted source look it over for you and be open to receiving suggestions for improvements. It's smart to even have more than one person proof read your resume, as small errors are easy to miss but can certainly make a poor impression.

Writing a student resume doesn't have to be a chore. You've probably accomplished more than you've given yourself credit for. Follow these tips to get started crafting a cutting edge resume that really highlights your personality, skills, and accomplishments. Don't be afraid to get a little creative and brag a bit. Show potential employers what you have to offer them, and they'll likely respond favorably with calls for future interviews. Visit LiveCareer for resume examples and to build your own professional resume.  

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