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Writing workshops south africa

Life is worth living, and worth living well. A good start is to be aware of what is happening Here and Now. This is the only moment that is real. If you have the intellectual and technical tools to understand and interpret this place and this moment, you can create meaning. You can endow this moment with form and content and express yourself through the mediums of video, photography and writing. You learn the what and also the how of creating meaningful images and of telling stories of substance.

The HereNow Workshops provide a comprehensive intellectual and technical toolkit with which to interpret the world, and to shape these interpretations into personal narrative. Here you learn how to use the characteristics of cameras, lenses, lights, symbols and poetry to communicate your vision. In the inspiring setting of the Garden Route coast of South Africa, the workshops guide you to first discover your personal story and then construct it through images and words in the mediums of video, photography and writing.

We present a mentally and emotionally sound approach to interpret our contemporary reality. You will be inspired to use discernment and to care about the present moment. If you know who you are and understand what is happening around you, you feel alive and more at home in the world.


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