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California community college culinary programs

california community college culinary programs  Ivy Tech Community College

The Chef's Academy at Harrison College Indianapolis - Degree programs in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts The Chef's Academy at Harrison College in Indianapolis


Des Moines Area Community College Degree in Culinary Arts and Certificate in Chef Apprentice Des Moines Area Community College

Indian Hills Community College Ottumwa, IA Degree in Culinary Arts; Diploma in Bakery and Diploma in Chef Program - prepares for certification from ACF - new state-of-the-art kitchen Indian Hills Community College

Iowa Western Community College Council Bluffs - Degree in Culinary Arts - participates in Iowa beef and pork competitions Iowa Western Community College

Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids - 2 year culinary arts degree program - students have practical experience at the Hotel at Kirkwood Center - travel opportunities Kirkwood Community College


Johnson County Community College Overland Park - Degrees in Chef Apprenticeship and Food and Beverage Management Johnson County Community College


Jefferson Community College Louisville, KY - Degree in Culinary Arts and Advanced Degree in Culinary Arts Jefferson Community College in Louisville

Sullivan University - National Center for Hospitality Studies Louisville and Lexington campuses - Louisville features Degrees in Baking and Pastry and Culinary Arts and Lexington features Degree in Culinary Arts - private college - students run the cafe, restaurant and bakery.

california community college culinary programs


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