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Closing paragraph cover letter uk

Hello there! Thanks for requesting our response. Writing your cover letter conclusion should bring your cover letter full circle by expressing your interest and qualifications that should have been described in your introduction and body paragraphs. You can also make the conclusion a bit more personable and add any brief information about your personal qualities or values that align with the company. Here is an example:

Through my direct experience building marketing campaigns and leading teams, I am confident I would be successful in the Marketing Director position. On a personal note, I believe that my ambition and results-oriented personality align closely with company culture and values. I would look forward to speaking with you to further express how I might contribute to the dynamic team at Company Name.



The conclusion sums up your main points, expresses awareness of company culture and humbly indicates interest in moving forward in the search process. By including a short point about how your values align with those of the company, you can help show you are a good professional and personal fit for the company.

I hope that this helps you out! If you would like more help, try reading up on cover letters on our resources page. Or, you can always drop us a line! Best of luck in your job search!


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